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“Published: Thu, November 29, 2012 @ 12:00 a.m. By GUY D’ASTOLFO dastolfo@vindy.com First, the facts: The Living Deads is a rockabilly band from Denver who live in an RV and play a lot of gigs in Ohio. They’ll return to the Royal Oaks bar in Youngstown on Friday night for a show. But that’s just the surface. The back story involves love, beer, breakups, roller derby, guns, the highway ... and a little bit of kidnapping. Symphony Tidwell, the band’s instantly memorable upright bass player with the big hair and a trashy-sexy elegance, shared it all in one breathless take in a phone interview this week. The story begins four years ago in Florida, where Symphony was living with her then-boyfriend and playing on a local roller-derby team. They went to see the Hillbilly Hellcats, and after the show, Symphony got to talking with the band’s drummer, Randee McKnight. “My boyfriend got mad, gets drunk and wanders off,” she said. “So I broke up with him, and when I got”

“123 Pleasant Street to host The Living Deads The Living Deads will perform at 123 Pleasant Street Sunday, Sept. 9. Local music venue 123 Pleasant Street is gearing to host a night of psychobilly fury, with national favorites The Living Deads taking the stage at 10 p.m. Sunday night. The three-piece outfit always delivers an energetic and positively electrifying live performance, and even those who are not typically fans of the rockabilly genre will find something to sink their teeth into. "Their music is just so energetic," said 123 Pleasant Street employee Jason Pownell. "If you just like music in general, you are going to like The Living Deads." Given the band’s relentless attitude toward its craft, the title "The Living Deads" truly could not be more appropriate. The band lives for music, effectively casting off any”

“The St. Louis Sinner http://issuu.com/stlsinner/docs/may2012”

““We’re not your typical cats-and-kittens rockabilly band,” says Symphony Tidwell, upright-bass player for The Living Deads. “We’re not cookie-cutter at all. We’re still in the roots-rockabilly genre, but we push the energy level as far as we can.””

"The Living Deads, fresh from a band shake up, showed up in Kansas City minus their guitar player and vocalist. With some help from local friends they found two guitar players and for the first time ever, original band members Symphony Tidwell and Randee McKnight, were the main vocalists. They played a robust set, in “the show must go on” kinda way. Tidwell made the stand up bass her bitch all night. While McKnight beat the hell out of his stand up drum kit with a fever. After a break up there’s always a productive adrenaline rush. And last night’s show was such an endeavor. (Sorry but the guest players were never clearly identified.) " = JD Holopter and Chad Hasty from The Rumble Jetts were the "Kidnappy's" for the night.

“This rockabilly band puts on an adrenaline pumping, dance floor rockin' show, every time, every venue. This national band is based in Denver, CO, where they rock around the clock. Posted at 3:51am on Sat, Aug 21 2010”

Angel of Shavano

"The worlds best Rockabilly band" Lance Romance Bakemyer (Hillbilly Hellcats)

Live on stage at Lincolns Road House Denver