The Lindales / Press

“The quintet specializes in a kind of upbeat, indie-folk-rock that should suit most audiences with an open mind.”

“Don’t fence them in. The Lindales don’t wear their influences on their sleeve, but any band that appreciates Belle and Sebastian knows how sweet it is when rock isn’t afraid to get symphonic.”

“Chris Redmon can croon or scream, and drummer Joe Stack alternately holds back and lets loose to drive the Lindales through a dynamic set list.”

“The Denton quintet fits into the local indie-folk scene. The guitar work is plaintive on the slow numbers, like “Loose Lips,” or room-rocking when the set calls for a rip-snort rocker, like “End of All Things” or “The Flood,” which also makes use of melodramatic piano-pounding. ”

"Their colorful and lengthy guitar solos define their on-stage performance. Lyrics are not a priority here, though frontman Chris Redmon is dynamic and fun to watch. Guitarists Michael Kraus finished the set by collapsing to the floor while riffing away. The Denton band knows how to have an onstage party."

"The Lindales shut it down with a powerful set..."

"...may be newly formed but they know how to rock."

“Denton is really producing this indie/folk movement with force, but The Lindales are more on the upbeat side.”