The Leo Trio / Press

“The Leo Trio, headed up by super guitarist Leo Aston, put on a fine show at the Big Easy this past month. It's amazing how this 3-piece Blues outfit comes off sounding so big. Leo's road to the blues came from attending an Albert King concert in London. After that show, Leo dedicated his life to "the blues", and hasn't looked back since. That's good news for us!”

“ Don’t: So Leo...you pack a double-punch with your blues guitar prowess and distinctive vocal. You guys for sure know what you are doing. I would love to hear guys stretch this genre and make it your own -- you have the chops, and your vocal, with its youthfulness and raspy angst, lends itself to re-imagining the blues in a more contemporary context . ”

“I Messed Up Last Night OK. I'm confused. Is this the same singer? Completely different delivery -- much more loyal to the blues tradition. It's more closely aligned with the straight-forward blues groove and bad ass, make that BAD ASS, guitar. It almost sounds like a completely different band. At any rate, it seems a bit inconsistent. But as a straight-forward deep blues song, it's spot on. ”

“I Ain’t Going Away: This is a fun track -- it takes the blues format and brings it into a more contemporary context with the unexpected vocal. I would love to see it go further. You have a compelling quality to your vocal delivery and a natural energy. Putting it against a blues shuffle is a fun idea, but I believe this song would be stronger if the band arrangement also played with the genre a bit more rather than being so straight forward and anticipated. ”

“What do you get when you mix Blues, Rock, and Country together? A terrific debut album called, “Have You Heard,” by The Leo trio. This group dishes out great songs that are not only entertaining but will hook you in with its catchy melodies. Kicking off the CD, “I Ain’t Going Away,” is driven by crunchy guitar and vocals that make the witty lyrics fun and interesting. Splashed with a tinge of Country tonality, “Whispers,” is an upbeat and delightful tune. Soulful and Bluesy, “I Messed Up Last Night,” is a true down and out Blues song with its searing guitar laden riffs and vocals that scream of emotions of the pitfalls of abusive drugs. If you’re looking for music that offers terrific Blues and is well blended with Rock and Country, then take a listen to, “Have You Heard,” as you will enjoy this new and refreshing CD. - Diane and the RadioIndy.com Reviewer Team”