The League of One / Press

“Talented (yet humble) you will never witness such technical prowess and dedication to the craft as you will with the League of One. As proud flag raisers of the local scene, they continue to soldier on with determination and skill. Do yourself a favour and join the League!”

Taron Cochrane - Music Commentator - League Fan Page

“The League of One, one of the top local bands to watch for in the scene!”

Dale Mc - League Fan Page

“I was blown away not only with their song writing but by their ability to Blow My Mind. League Of One never ceases to amaze me from start to finish.”

Trevor Freed - League Fan Page

“The League of One, on the other hand, are a metal band in the classic tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Will Maeder, the singer and guitarist, absolutely shreds on the guitar and has searing vocals. It’s hard to believe that so much raw power can come from a three piece band. These guys are a force to be reckoned with.”