The Lawsuits / Press

“The Lawsuits stitch together an array of styles and genres on their latest album, the upcoming Cool Cool Cool. To wit, first single "Dreaming #26" gently tumbles along at a folkie' pace (via Rolling Stone), while the freshly unveiled "Long Drive Home" drifts through the fog created by LP producer and mixer Bill Moriarty (Dr. Dog, Man Man) as if it's the theme to a gloomy noir thriller. Singer Vanessa Winters' soulful vocals flesh out the track's deep blue color scheme, which is just briefly punctured by short, sunny, hopeful interludes from Brian Dale Allen Strouse, the Philadelphia foursome's chief songwriter, guitarist, and singer. Stream "Long Drive Home" below, and watch out for Cool Cool Cool, due October 1.”

“We can sense this equivalence in highs and lows in the songs of Philadelphia's Lawsuits, who toe the line between the poignant Dr. Dog-like moments from both the tarry and sunny guts, along with some emotions that are a bit bouncier and vibrant. They are moments that speak to beautiful resilience. They are moments filled with the mixture of a grumble and a beaming smile that could melt a reinforced bridge. They remind us of those mornings that we were pissed to have seen so much of - after seeing and being awake for so much of the evening before. Something woke us and, with that, we were up, scrambling slowly to some coffee. We didn't want to be up, but we were and somehow it all turned out to be grand. Something was reclaimed along the line. Some new vigor was found and everything wound up being alright - quite like we could have suspected it would wind up.”