the late virginia summers / Press

“They're pushing the math equations of the classical composition just slightly with a nod to all things Chicago circa late 90's. It's avant garde without needing a decryption. ”

“This (HSAL #02) is a taste of the full length album TLVS is working on for Harding Street. TLVS would fit in well with Chicago's avant scene with their free form wondering instrument experiments. The element of vinyl only adds to the layers and textures in their sound.”

"Building atop cinematic melodies with loops, drones and interlaced percussion, these northern neighbors showcase a sonic bravura that links them to Do Make Say Think, Boom Bip and Tortoise. Think big."

Grayson Currin - Independent Weekly

"Ominous and ambient, TLVS (delivers) a fascinating sonic introduction sewing together dub and ambient textures."