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“Punching their way thru the set, delivering off the chart melodies and their trademark smooth dynamics that transitioned from a quiet sense of urgency to the full blown joy of amps on eleven, the The Lately gave the standing room only crowd what they came for. Even a couple of covers (Led Zep, The Beatles) were met with raucous approval, setting the atmosphere of ‘we’re gonna party till we get arrested’ for the rest of the evening. After four years, The Lately continue to raise the bar, each release capturing that elusive lightning in a bottle.”

"The Lately are an absolutely radiating rock n’ roll band that reside out of Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.A. These riveting stateside rockers of four perform vivid and soulful tunes with an indie rock/pop charm on their new album entitled ‘Old News. It is The Lately’s first full-length album since the indie rockers discharged out with ‘Tiger Side Up’ in 2012. They have an honest and extremely catchy rock air that ‘unquestionably’ had me approving and applauding completely. This is a huge rock effort and has the potential to massively ‘roar and soar’ the ears ecstaticly for indie pop rock appreciators worldwide, ‘class pop rock’!"

“Though influenced by southern swagger, The Lately sounds distinctly midwestern.”

Indie Music Universe

“The band has an attitude and edge that makes you take notice.”

The Album Review

“The Lately is a Wisconsin-based, self-described indie/rock band whose members appreciate each other as much as they enjoy making music. Great things are in the works for these talented guys. Their second full-length release, Tiger Side Up, will soon be available. Their initial effort, a self-titled EP, was warmly received, as was the full length Dirty Magazines, which followed.”