The Last Slice / Press

“The Last Slice brings to the table a more advanced approach to the simple style of traditional ska. By mixing elements of punk rock, ska, reggae, dancehall, and straight rock ‘n’ roll, The Last Slice comes up with songs that keeps the dance floor lit up with excitement.”

“The Last Slice are no new face around the Oklahoma scene. Since their first show in 2008 (a 15-or-so minute set at the King of Clubs in Claremore, OK), The Last Slice have figured out how to do things the right way. Several bassists, numerous tours, and a full length album later they are starting to hit their stride on the road.”

“Last but by no means least is, fittingly, the Tulsa ska group The Last Slice. The band with the pizza-inspired name combines brass instruments with guitar, bass and drums to create a sound that's not often heard live in our area. The group's upbeat song "Silver Box" looks back fondly on a childhood hiding place for a stash of dirty magazines, while the slower "Messy Situation" addresses the problem of obnoxious party guests. The Last Slice's high energy tunes will no doubt have the NewVo crowd dancing. ”

"Party music that splashes color across the imagination as vivid as paint on a canvas. Those colors are bright, happy shades, but there’s no false innocence or denial of life-on-life’s terms, just an embracing of fun and joy."