The Last Savior of God / Press

“The Last Savior of God is a melodic death metal band from Colorado Springs, CO. They have only been together for a year and a half and they are already beginning to dominate the local metal scene. I sat down with the band in Sunshine Studios right before their show and talked to them about the band, their performances and their plans for the future.”

“Sunshine Studios Live would like to thank The Last Savior of God for helping us put on our first New Years Eve Show. We also would like to thank all the great bands who performed and put on one hell of a show. Even though the weather outside was frightful we had a great turn out. Thank you to all the fans of the bands and fans of our venue and, to all the bands for their excellent promotion. ”

“Sunshine Studios Live would like to thank The Last Savior Of God for putting on the Graves Diggers Ball last night. It indeed was a great show and turn out. Thanks for all who came to support some of the best Original Bands In the Springs. We also would like to give a heads up to all the bands and performers out there who are putting on shows this Weekend keeping live music alive. Looking forward to have all the bands who played last night back to our event center, And ALSO having Last Savior Of God back on the 27th Of November for the Touring Show Of “Capture The Flag and The Avalanche Symphony” with Life Not Our Own ”