The Last Ride / Press

“This is a great song and the video features the Iowa Hawkeye Legends so of course I had to feature it on the site. If you are a fan of country music and/or wrestling you need to go ahead and add this group and song to your iTunes collection. As we start the new season training I want to know what you want to hear in the gym as we train (keep it clean somewhat) and comment to start a playlist.”

““Take You Down” could be great anthem for wrestling. The Last Ride Band melded blue collar lyrics with one of the most blue-collar athletes and programs associated with hard work to produce an inspiring video called, “Take you down.” The video includes a lot of footage of former University of Iowa two-time NCAA champion and four-time All-American wrestler Mark Ironside, who was a two-time state champion at Cedar Rapids Jefferson (A school long associated with the blue-collar section of Cedar Rapids). Lead singer Tony Winkler is also a 1993 Jefferson graduate. The song can be considered a tribute to the many industrial workers who have been a key part of Cedar Rapids tradition. Both Winkler’s and Ironside’s fathers were factory workers. The video also includes footage of Hawkeyes head coach Tom Brands and wrestling legend and former Hawkeye Coach Dan Gable. Two enormous symbols of hard work and toughness. Take a look and enjoy. ”

"I hope to hear more from these guys soon!!"

“See 'em live but relive it in the car by snowridr Saw them live and were an absolute blast! Every time I turn this on, I am reminded of great times. I have to like them now because when they get huge, I'll have to hate on everyone that came to the party late.”

“TLR is a class act! Amazing album by an outstanding band. Each song is better than the last. In the words of "Mad Money's" Jim Cramer, TLR is a "buy, buy, buy!"”

“Great Album! I am not a country music fan. That said, i love this album! I was told by a friend to check out TLR and was very happy that i did. When they are playing live they have passion and true love for what they do which makes the music that much better! This album has fun catchy songs like "boys like us" and "top gun" as well as a great ballad "tonight i'll be your best friend" which is my favorite. Do youself a favor and buy this album now! TLR is outstanding ”

“The Last Ride Contributes to Mind the Future Organization: In exchange for giving the puppy to the vet, Pheasants Forever got Twins president Dave St. Peter to donate a Target Field tour and lunch. Tony Winkler, who is good friends with DelDotto and Commers, took the tour and donated the country music festival package, which is worth about $2,000. The tour gave Winkler a chance to play his band's Twins-themed song, "We are the Twins Fans," for St. Peter. ”

“The Last Ride serenaded the Rice Street crowd on Saturday night with a medley of country-rock songs inside the Tin Cup in St. Paul.”