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“I’ve been needing something which could clear my pallet from the steady stream of wordy folk music coming out of Provo (I promise Provo and Indie folk will give some love next week).You have to check out this band. The Last look has shout out choruses, creative bridges, awesome changes, they musically function like a band, and they like The Replacements.”

“Headlining the night was The Last Look. I had heard a lot of rumors about the high-quality shows these guys have been putting on, so I expected a lot and was honestly blown away.They took the stage to an epic intro of synthesizers, guitar and drums, and didn't let up once all night. The energy was massive and even at Bar Deluxe, a venue known for great sound, it sounded like a huge arena. These guys write and perform like pros. They offer hook upon hook of pure gold. They perch perfectly on the line where they can appeal to both young and old audiences. They have honed a sound that pairs the best of alt. country indie rock with emo passion. The verses of each song have more sugary sweetness than the choruses of most bands and are placed like cherries on top of ice cream. Women were melting left and right all night long. I know I probably sound like I'm exaggerating, but you really have to see these guys. They perform often, so go see them soon.”

"Who are your favorite acts in the scene right now?" Camden Chamberlain (The Suicycles):"...The Last Look..."

“Brian Jensen of Darling Don't Jump - "The Last Look — we played with these cats recently and I thought they killed it with a great sound and stage energy."”

The Salt Lake Tribune

“Kaci Tokumoto (Owner, Bar Deluxe) [My favorite bands?] "...The Last Look..."”

Salt Lake City Weekly