The Krank Daddies / Press

“We recently stumbled across this review written by a Chicago reviewer called The Frankencop Monster. He writes for OUIJA BOARD. We have had many things written about us but this is our favorite of all time!! We would like to thank The Frankencop Monster for his thoughts on our show! We really appreciate it!! Here it is!~ The Krank Daddies - fantastic band. Their music was about my three favorite things: The macabre, hot rods, and chix, with an 'x'. The sound was tight, loud, and infectious. There were virtually no pauses between songs as the guys played and played. If you are unfamiliar with the Krank Daddies, then become familiar. They have a wonderful "Johnny Cash went to Hell and punched the devil in his balls, then drank some beers and squeezed some teat" vibe.~”

The Frankencop Monster - Ouija Board Chicago

“nother Chicago band, the Krank Daddies took the stage next. They were a three-piece rockabilly band that had a good look to them along with the traditional stand-up bass being one of the instruments. The singer/guitar player had a sort of southern greaser type of accent to his voice and had a great singing voice and was an energetic player. The bass player looked like some sort of Brooklyn brawler and was equally charismatic. Their drummer was quite skilled and was the glue that kept the band on track. Their songs were pretty quick-tempo and really catchy and they talked a lot between songs and had a real fun aura to them. They were great showmen and are a band that even if you aren’t a fan of the style of music you’d probably end up really enjoying live. They were one of the highlights of this evening for sure and probably should have played third instead of second.”