the Koniac Net / Press

"...Les guitares sont denses et puissantes, la section rythmique est bondissante et syncopée. Mais surtout The Koniac Net se distingue par le chant lumineux et émouvant de David, qui révèle une fragilité poignante au sein de belles harmonies vocales."

"A kaleidoscope of colours reflect across the walls as The Koniac Net deliver measured and retrospective mellowing moods of sound... The Koniac Net have mastered the art of delivering music which has a gentle timbre, while simultaneously adding sufficient seasoning to serve up an intriguing blend of sounds to keep the listener engaged and wanting to come back for a second helping."

"...As for the music of the Mumbai-based five-piece, it is the kind that gently pours itself into your ears and almost imperceptibly hooks up in your brain in such a way that the second listen already feels like coming back to good old companions. Which is of course a very clever way of transporting the lyrics that are deep and, despite the overall more positive outlook of the EP, often sombre."

"If you listen to their [the Koniac Net] music you will soon realize how clever the compositions are, how well thought every chords is and how the band just sounds brilliant together."

"The Koniac Net are a really good definition of a confidently rocking alternative/indie rock band! This tightly knitted band really bring fantastic rock rhythms with a grooving edge and melodic drive and feel!"

“I really hope when I hear more from other artists in that region they are half as talented as David Abraham. This EP is a labour of love, a thing of beauty and a triumph.”

“... He pours a golden glow over despondent words, giving each song a split personality...”

“...this is a crafted body of work, worthy of many a listen.”

“The Koniac Net have perfected good music with their faultless combination of amazing vocals, catchy (but not simplistic) rhythm and easy on the ear harmony. Listening through each track on the album, you cannot help but fall in love with front man David Abraham’s flawless voice as it completes every track with its hypnotic loveliness.”

"As an album ‘One Last Monsoon’ has a bit of everything, showing diversity and variances in every song"

"One Last Monsoon is an album full of catchy, earthy, mellow mixes with songs of life and struggle. There is calm throughout this album that allows you to sit back and become wrapped in the music as the world around you simply disappears."

"The only thing to find fault with it [referring to the last song on the album] is in the fact that it signals the end of a truly inspired album that takes your breath away when you listen to it."