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“Openers the Knyghts of Fuzz set the bar high for the night with an 11-song set that clocked under 40 minutes. Brian Goodman hit the drums and tore into “She’s U-G-L-Y,” a signature tune for the local trio that has been building a strong following since debuting in 2011. “Squad Car” was a menacing instrumental, rumbling bass courtesy of Big Frank Novko and guitar sirens from Ian Carlton. The Rolling Stones’ ode to sleazy living, “Rocks Off”, brought a roar of approval from the crowd, as did band original “Fleshtones Saved My Life” and a ragged but righteous take on the Beatles’ “Back in the USSR.” Spicey wings, BBQ ribs, cold beer, Knyghts of Fuzz and Los Straitjackets on a rainy Wednesday night – it doesn’t get much better than that.”

“Knyghts Of Fuzz – “Fleshtones Saved My Life” (Carlton Records) Albany’s fuzziest combo wore their heart on their striped sleeves with this passionate tribute to Brooklyn’s last band standing, The Fleshtones. The lyrics are simply a laundry list of Fleshtones song and album titles and really, that’s all you need. That, a garbage can of blue whales and the Fleshtones. That is all you need to save your life.”

“the trio – featuring guitarist Ian Carlton, bassist Frank Novko and drummer Brian Goodman – romped through a full set of choice garage rock covers and originals, ending with two songs the band just recorded for an upcoming split single with Bourbon Scum: “Genny” and the oh-so-rippin’ Fleshtones homage, “Fleshtones Saved My Life.” ”

“Seemingly fueled by some potent mix of cheap beer and kerosene, Knyghts fuzzed out for a couple of hours, blitzing through such genuine nuggets as “The Devil’s Weed,” “Party Lights,” a boiling, over-heated romp through Elvis’ “Burnin’ Love,” a trash ‘n’ crash version of the Invictas’ nugget “The Hump” and even a massive deconstruction of the Jefferson Airplane’s “3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds.””

“Rip-snortin’ garage-rock trio the Knyghts of Fuzz are kickin’ it old-school with a snappy new 7-inch vinyl release on Carlton Records featuring the decidedly non-PC “U.G.L.Y.””

“go-for-the-throat, garage-rockin’ trio”

“Knyghts of Fuzz, a garage trio featuring Ian Carlton (Rocky Velvet) on guitar, Brian Goodman (1313 Mockingbird Lane, Susan & the Surftones) on drums and Big Frank (Big Frank & the Bargain Bingers) on bass, sounded better than ever, putting the party back in party band with a set of well-curated and revved-up, old-school, garage rock tunes.”

"These guys are louder than AC/DC"

Troy, NY club owner - Troy, NY club owner