The Knolly Moles / Press

“We laughed. We cried. We smiled. We frowned. I wrote. Some of you agreed. Some of you disagreed (Honestly -- I don't hate you, Ted. Promise.). Some of you attacked me through the written word. And some of you offered your thank-yous and your encouragement (Chelsea McBee, and The Knolly Moles, your kind words were duly noted).”

“Do not say bad things about Frederick's own The Knolly Moles. This, I learned the hard way last month when a barrage of emails were sent my way after the review for their latest EP, "Skeezetown Blvd,"”

“The Knolly Moles ain't no joke! You guys got something, brah! It was great to catch you guys and let's do it again...”

Kirk McEwen - Kirk and Mike 105.9 The Edge

“You guys sound great! ”

Michelle Miller - 24-7 Entertainment

“Good or bad doesn't really seem to matter to the Frederick five-piece outfit, though. All they really seem to care about is fun. Pure, unadulterated, kid-like fun.”

“up and coming band known around Frederick as "The Knolly Moles" recently raised money and walked in the Heartly House fundraiser "Walk a Mile In Her Shoes" to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women. The walk took place on Market Street in downtown Frederick on Saturday, October 2nd. The fellas traded in their instruments for some women's high heels to support this great cause.r Greg slipped into some 4-inch, bright pink, patent leather heels that would give even the most experienced woman a run for her money. EJ opted for some baby blue, peep-toe pumps. Both boys were feeling the pain after just a few feet but managed to hang in there and complete the mile-walk, answering the walk's slogan, "Are you man enough to walk a mile in her shoes?"”

Brittney Spillman - FNP Blog

“ Luckily, none of us have missed the boat on this month’s FredRock and it sounds like its shaping up to be a good one! Some highlights include the awesome Things That Fly who will be playing at 2:30pm, The Knolly Moles at 1:30pm who I’ve been told put on a fun show, and Karikatura, a world music group from NYC take stage at 9:00pm. There’s also some new names on the list as well as some familiar ones. All the details are below. Support your local music scene this weekend (11/06/10) at FredRock. ”