“If you love the sound of a solid body guitar, in the style of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Robin Trower, then give these guys a fair listen.While they DO have that classic sort of Stratocaster kind of sound, they are innovators, not imitators.”

“I finally got ahold of a copy, and I don't think I've taken it out of my player since. The wait was worth it, they have really put together a beauty here. Now some of you might not like "hard rock", but this is hard blister raising rock and roll topped with a scoop of ice cream.”

“Good lordy lordy!! The vocals are very Jimi Hendrix but better and the guitar is bluesy yet rocking like Steve Vai. So here I was getting all these influences off just a few tracks, ya cant beat that!!”

"Mike" - EurodanceAddicts

“I am a huge fan of this band!! Got a hold of the CD myself, I just love it!!! My fav has to be "Mary Jayne"!!”

"Mary" - Sister Mary Elephant

"La Danza Macabra" consists of ten well-written, rhythmically pounding, and guitar blazing songs. This CD is living proof that rock and roll is still alive, screaming, and blazing out of Texas.

“This was really a cd i bought on the few listens of the samples..This album is very very good... Would like to thank the band for their performance on it..just brilliant”

"You're So Excited" loaded for me in your player and since I'm a Blues freak, I immediately took to that! You're an AWESOME guitar player and I really enjoyed listening to that!

Lynn Carey Saylor - GuitarGirls.com

“Hey JCM, Love the guitar work! You take care of yourself! XOXO -Liz”

Liz Nash - Singer/Songwriter

“With a name like " The Killing Floor", I just KNEW where you'd be comin' from and I'm diggin' it ! Great name and great sound ! ”

Les July - Artist

“Hi JCM! You're doing some great work on guitar yourself! If can feel great vibes coming from you all the way from Texas. You must be powerful! PEACE LOVE AND MUCH RESPECT! Wil”

Wil Harris - Funkadelic, Ricky Fant'e, and Isaac Hayes

“Smokin' guitar work! Keep it up!!!! :-) Lance”

Lance Higgins - Freelance Artist

“jcm !! mari jayne kicks tushy ! all the best ;-)”

Jen Leigh - Freelance Artist

“Hey there from Amsterdam Killing Floor & crew! Nice tunage! Jimi is my god and you do him justice. Thanx for the add and hope you enjoy my musings! Savage”


“Two fo my favorite rock guitarists are Peter Green and Paul Kossoff I hear them speaking through you... Glad to have you as my friend ;) ”

Danny B. Harvey - Guitarist, producer and composer

“INCREDIBLE! Awesome classic vibe. Pure strat sound. Is that a white Brian May Vox? your friend, Adrian Mastro”

Adrian Mastro - Freelance Artist

“Great rocking sound on ”Mary Jayne”, the lead is tasty and the transitions unique. Kick butt chunky rhythm “What I Dream”, funky groove and tight vocals in “Savvy” and the SRV feel in “Hole in my Heart” is powerful. Rock on!!”

Mary-Lou Tilghman - band: BB& t

“I had to tell y'all that I heard your Voodoo Child version on another page and was blown away! What a great interpretation. Keep Choppin them there heads! It is both an honor and a privilege to have you as a Friend. Christy Clayton”

Christy Clayton - Christy Clayton Band

“And did I mention ? You guys are positively JAMMIN', I am a fan, oh yes. Jon”

Jon Butcher - Freelance Artist