theKey / Press

“You catch on to it no matter what type of music you’re accustomed to listening to. I love you guys and I like the way you all look! … I think y’all are one of my favorites from tonight!”

“I thought it was fantastic! I love the song, I love the sound! Just a really really great band… and we need more of what you guys are doing on the radio for sure. Good job!”

“I first heard The Key open for Shane and Shane at a large outdoor festival in south Georgia. Their energetic sound and solid harmonies immediately had the crowd on their feet. Once I heard their EP ‘Waiting,’ I knew this new band was really something special.”

Bob Thompson, Festival Director of Atlanta Fest - Quote

“The driving force and energy of a college band comes through on "Hey", while you get to see the softer, more reflective side of the five-piece on "Talk About You".”