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" Since releasing their debut CD Shine in 2013, The Keller Sisters have quickly taken their place at the top of the Americana and Folk Charts and the San Francisco songwriting community for their warm harmonies, keen perspective and sense of humor. Following up Shine up with 2014's equally assured House of Cards, the success of siblings Sheryl and Kerry is well deserved: They bring an easy grace forged by a strong family bond, and a lifetime of musical experience to any stage they take. "

“Fine story-telling continues through House of Cards. "Ballad of Varla Jean" talks of tragedy and sadness , and "Jenny's Kitchen" talks of long friendships with rough edges. A finely balanced collection of ballads, sing alongs and sentiments easy to identify with ...”

"Telling stories with irony and harmony--the new House of Cards is honestly original and invites you to really LISTEN. The Keller Sisters can strike an emotional nerve as well as console us with songs like The Hard Way, introduce us to memorable places like The Rock Bottom, or beautifully reminisce as we join them in Jenny's Kitchen. Pure and clear, you'll love the lyrics and feel the camaraderie like only sisters can deliver." Amazon.com

“Cheerful, unassuming Americana delivered with just the right amount of carefree sass. Smooth and comfortable songs about suburban cowboys and trailer park blondes that choogle along the interstate with the top down so as to view the wide-open vistas in the background. Good time music for the Waylon and Willie Generation, with a little Sheryl Crow meets the Burrito Brothers thrown in for good measure. One could imagine this blarin' from car radio of Thelma and Louise's Ford Thunderbird as it sails off into the wild blue yonder.”

Richard Rice - SF Live Arts

“The honey-warm harmonies and slice-of-life charm of the Keller Sisters’ debut EP Shine recalls the days of summers past. Maybe it’s the sweetness of the vocals or the nostalgic yearning of songs such as “That Room,” but there is an undeniably sunny vibe that is being emitted here. Certainly, the music itself offers the coziness of a campfire – smoothly textured acoustic riffs and bluesy harmonica. Siblings Sheryl and Kerry have produced a heartfelt collection of folk music, one that also reveals the influence of the Beatles and classic country music. The opening track, the witty “Hillbilly Blond,” struts with Bonnie Raitt-styled swagger and trailer-park spunk. The song’s locomotive beat and blistering harmonica add to the smoke left in its path. “Can’t Believe My Luck” veers toward the Keller Sisters’ Americana side, back-to-basics country without the Nashville cheese or indie artiness. for full review .. http://www.nodepression.com/profiles/blogs/cd-review-the”