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“The Keefs are makin' the stage their bitch!”

Tom Hutchins - Random Quote from Facebook

"...is “rock music” really dead? Well after listening to The Keefs ”444″ EP... I would say, hell no!" "Their EP is gritty, dirty and just full of rockin’ out excitement." "These guys aren’t a bunch of new musicians that just stepped out of the basement either, the musicianship in this band is top-notch... What I like about The Keefs is their obvious skill of combining a raw-rock feel with catchy melodies... Their style is what use to be good about rock music and that is always a welcome change from the manufactured sounds of some of today’s mainstream music."

“THE KEEFS will be pure platinum and not just gold for ya, like they are it for me. Interesting rhythm work and structure (take a more deeper listening and you'll get aware of some suprising stuff, I promise ya), very good guitar playing (full of emotions and power and force as well), and great lead vocals and some very clever arranged singing lines, and I especially like the feeling, the mood and the atmosphere of the songs. Really something special that you won't hear that often, trust me. They are giving us two songs, "WE'RE OK" and "COMPROMISE", and both are totally over the top, but "COMPROMISE" I like even a littel bit more, yes, so that's my personal favorite of them here. Check them out!!!”

“What I love about The Keefs is that it’s not their style that defines them... this is an out and out great band. They can play like nobody’s business. They write fantastic songs. They’ve got a likable, crazy good lead singer. And perhaps most importantly, they manage to put a fresh, remarkably non-derivative spin on a well-worn style of music.”

“You can tell you’re listening to a tight, clicking-on-all-cylinders band. From the high-powered guitars of Janney and Jimmie the Weed to my man Algy Suicide’s nimble bass work to “Two N” Kenn’s hard-hitting drumming, everything comes together like it should.”

“I was instantly impressed with the Keefs. The Keefs bring back memories of classic 80's sounding punk meshed with some classic rock and roll. The bands that instantly came to mind when they started were the Ramones, The Kinks and the Clash... The Keefs are straight forward solid punk/rock party music. The set was a nice energetic set of 12 hard driving songs with no annoying musical interludes. If you are a fan of the Ramones, The Kinks and 80's style punk music, you need to go check out The Keefs... Go check out The Keefs live!”