The Kat Trio / Press

“They play a variety of songs, not just all heavy classical music but some lighter pieces as well. It just makes you smile because they are so enthusiastic and comfortable.”

"The Kat Trio has a knack for combining a high level of classical musicianship with pure fun."

“The Kat Trio cannot be disputed as one of the best pieces of entertainment we’ve ever had. We have people coming from all over the county just to see them. They’re remarkable.”

"Live concert is the best way to enjoy them, as they present an amazingly eclectic mix of classical repertory and arrangements of everything from hymns, jazz, novelty numbers or Stephen Foster and Jerrome Kern."

“The Kat Trio's performances are energetic and audience-friendly, featuring classical works, well-known inspirational songs and even American pop standards.”

“The Ekaterinburg Trio played with complete unanimity of purpose, with excellent ensemble and intonation...”