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“Kicking off with “I Drive”, which features a riff reminiscent of an updated, angular, more frazzled “Smokestack Lightnin’”, Gardner sings with real venom: “Backseat drivers give me lip, I ain’t going to take their shit, because it’s my life, my way, I drive.” The attitude in both the lyrics and the aggressive attack of the musicians reflects the grit and power that is found throughout Bluesitude. But this is also a band that understands light and shade. When Kormanik steps up for his harmonica solo in “I Drive”, the band slips into a gentler, funky, backing rhythm before Kormanik, Barber and Dominick drop out entirely, leaving Smallwood’s drums and Gardner’s solo guitar. Gardner pulls out a powerfully melodic solo while the musicians re-enter gradually to help build the tension and momentum of an impressive song. This is a relatively short album... But it packs a powerful punch. On the evidence of Bluesitude, The Juke Hounds must be a magnetic presence on s”

"Akron’s native bluesmen, The Juke Hounds, released their album, “Low Man on the Totem Pole,” a rip-roaring collection of 10 loud and vibrant tracks. The disc captures all the energy of a large blues festival, and it’s impossible not to get up and start shaking along to the rhythm of each tune. Frontman Bob Gardner’s conversational style of singing includes the listener into the stories he tells, especially on the album’s standout track, “Wrong Side of Town.” The tune begins with steady drums and guitars that are accented by skillful harmonica playing and call-and-response vocals from the band. Gardner sings, “I don’t have an answer at all/So I just play my guitar like this” before launching into a shredding guitar solo... The guys are obviously well versed in the catchy music they write and perform, and “Low Man on the Totem Pole” is an example of how to do blues right. With repetitive hooks and toe-tapping rhythms, the band is pure fun and are experts at the

“By Malcolm X Abram Beacon Journal music writer Regional blues winner A quick and ashamedly belated congratulations to local blues band the Juke Hounds for winning the 2010 Cleveland Blues Society Blues Challenge back in November. The sextet’s win garnered it a trip to Memphis to compete last week in the 2011 International Blues Challenge, which meant a stuffed week of gigs around the River City. The band made the bold choice to play original songs from its album Hey Dude Play Some Skynyrd instead of whipping out the familiar old blues war horses on which most blues bands rely. It didn’t advance to the finals but it got a bunch of festival gigs that should have it traveling around the country throughout 2011. Before the Juke Hounds begin jaunting around the country spreading their brand of up-tempo blues, the band will play a free show Friday night at downtown Akron nightclub the Lounge. Again, congrats, guys.”

“The Juke Hounds are an authentic blues band that captures the attention of everyone within earshot by their music, their presence, their professionalism, and their energy... Their commitment not only to focusing on the side of the blues that uplifts, empowers, and strengths the soul, but also to writing and performing blues songs with sharp hooks that capture the feelings and thoughts of everyone at the juke joint makes every performance a fun and memorable one...”

Vicque Fassinger - Writer's With Spark