The JuJu Beans / Press

“The JuJu Beans’ new offering, “Rocket Machine,” is a rip-roaring rocket ride with a heavy emphasis on the rock. The lead-off track, “That’s How It Goes,” is a straight-ahead roots rocker that would’ve inspired Bill Haley if he’d heard it first. “Silver Train” has a honky tonk-meets-Jan & Dean vibe that makes for infectious listening. “One Time Lover and a Full Time I.O.U.” is a groovy rave-up a la Buddy Holly-cum-George Thorogood and flows great into the next track, “Rock and Roll Tonite.” Arguably the coolest track on the disc, I dare you not to tap your foot while this song’s playing. Uncle Dave and the crew channel The Cars and The Beatles for the uber-catchy “Shuffle Down.” The closing track, “Love Bone,” is a full-tilt rock/punk raver that kicks in and doesn’t let up. Fun, furious, witty and wonderful, The Beans know how to close out a set. “Rocket Machine” amounts to a mountain of magic for these Beans. You can get the”

“Interview with Dave Crow of The JuJu Beans”