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“(from a review of Camp Barefoot 5)...The Judy Chops was the first group that got me truly excited...Reminiscent of Django Reinhardt styling one moment and bluegrass hip hop another, The Judy Chops have a refreshing sound and fun concept. They mash songs together or rather “chop” them up and piece them back together to create an exciting musical experience...As their set progressed, the crowd grew as the music called to them. It’s been a long time since something fun and fresh like this has been put in front of me musically.”

“Inspiration for The Judy Chops comes in the form of strong women like Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt and Ella Fitzgerald, along with rock bands Cake, Grateful Dead and Talking Heads. Although they do perform covers, the band also writes their own music and combines different songs into “mash-ups.” “Our sound and energy set us apart from other bands. We have a great time playing to the audience, and our audience[s have] a great time with us, [from Molly Murphy]””

“...the members of The Judy Chops have a variety of listening and playing backgrounds. Band members have previously played in blues and rock bands, bluegrass outfits and even reggae bands. Some members were influenced by playing in middle and high school bands and choir. All this myriad collective experience has led to an interesting approach to performing.”

“The core group of the girls and bill performed professionally and with heart and soul that rival anything out there...they brought in some high caliber musicians too to round out the project...dogbark studios is honored to work with these artists as we know that they will make us look good and more importantly they will be proud of their accomplishments and legacy. It is hard to deny that the production and content of the "chops" are nothing but stellar! I welcome them as part of my resume...”

Boris Ballard- studio technician DogBark Studios - via Facebook

“On Saturday, August 14, 2010, the audience at the Mockingbird was served a country music treat. Listeners were transported into a classic country music experience. First on the menu was the appetizer: The Judy Chops. Sisters Molly and Sally Murphy anchor the vocals to most of the group’s songs along with the Reverend Bill Howard. Molly possesses strong, soulful vocals while Sally compliments with a silky smooth voice. This band exhibited the true classical country sound. Their song list included originals as well as covers of some old favorites, including “Crazy” (made famous by Patsy Cline). Also, the group performed a crowd stirring rendition of “Ol’ Dan Tucker.””

"You guys have something special."

Bart McDowell - show comment

"These guys are the hardest working band in the Shenandoah Valley."

John Huggins - Shenandoah Pizza/ Shenandoah Concerts

“The Judy Chops + Courting Harlots + Saddle of Centaur + Headwounds + Jet Velvet ... burlesque & cabaret + Rocktown Rollers = Best. Night. Ever. If you weren't there then don't even bother to pretend that what you did tonight was cooler than this. Because it wasn't and it's sad how you lie. So very sad.”

- gone studios - via facebook