The Joshua Cain Band / Press

“Love the grit and beat... Fuzzy guitars with a clean slide behind it. And awesome acoustic sounds too! You guys rock.”

Daniel Palmer, AnR - www.ourstage.com

“The template for the band's sounds appears to be U2's Joshua Tree. The primary difference, however, is that U2 was made up of Irishmen expressing their discovery of American traditional music, whereas The Joshua Cain Band is a native Tacoma group re-translating its own musical language.”

Dan Macintosh - Indie-Music.com

“The CD is high quality in terms of musicianship and recording production. The extremely accomplished guitar work is especially noteworthy, as are the outstanding vocals.The CD is an excellent addition to any collection”

“The Joshua Cain Band is — for lack of a more flowery description — a Tacoma band you simply must see. easily one of the most original, skilled and relevant bands this blue-collar town of ours has to offer. A mixture of the sweat, struggle and dust that created both America and rock and roll, ”

“The extremely accomplished guitar work is especially noteworthy, recallng the razor-blade-edge of Social Distortion. The Devils is in the Joneses successfully straddles the line between traditional and modern - and is a fine addition to any collection.”

C.M. magazine

“Joshua Cain Band, which combines elements of Delta blues, a bit of rockabilly and a healthy dose of gospel to make one masterful take on rock and roll — will perform a stripped-down version of what he does best as the final acoustic performance before the Joshua Cain Band’s CD release in March”

“The sound is original and unique but draws upon the legendary music that true freedom was made from. Half protest rally, half front porch music, it makes you want to shake your fist and stomp your fee...”