The Josh and Pete Band / Press

“With tunes that can only come from those well-versed in The Monkees’ film Head, Philly ensemble The Josh and Pete Band mixes swinging, breezy psychedelia with lots of nonsensical non-sequiter. It’s wandering in well-trodden territories, for sure, but the band kills it without even trying. Their track linked below, “Miscommunication,” is the most polished, complete-sounding demo I’ve heard in quite some time. The song makes one antsy to hear what their finished, proper release sounds like, but it’s not due till mid-2011.”

“ "Part Pink Floyd, part the Beatles, part weirdness, The Josh and Pete Band have been rocking Philly’s local scene since 2007 and having the time of their lives doing it.They draw their own comics, as posted on their MySpace page, and they wear pretty outrageous outfits on stage. One thing you can’t accuse them of is ripping off anyone else’s style."”

“A rollicking new force on the local scene, the Josh and Pete Band are a West Philly-based story-rock quartet who understand that music-making—above all—should be fun, and who rocked the crowd last night with a rolling, upbeat blend of psych-pop, carnival rock and sweet, unfettered humor."”

“The Josh and Pete Band mix late period British 60s pop not unlike The Zombies' 'odyssey and oracle' or The Kinks' 'village green preservation society' with a quirky American Showtune esthetic, crafting fun, energetic pop tunes. ”

"The Josh and Pete band is a pleasingly silly four piece University City ensemble, whose new concept album "O' Captain" tells the story of a marooned sailor with a little bit of sea shanty and a little bit of Sgt. Pepper"....Monica Weymouth/ Metro Philadelphia"