The Jooles / Press

“Jooles are nothing but fun with no hint of the solemnity of life – a benign yet innocent wet dream for both sexes delivered straight from their home in Berlin - to your door.”

“Often funky, sure and connected, with a hint of cheesy exotica, they put everything into their performance and their half hour on stage goes by in a convivial whoosh.”

“Visually striking they make you sit up and take notice but with the sound they make too. Kicking off impressively with wah-wah chuka guitar and fizzy hi-hats ala 'Theme from Shaft' you just know this is gonna be a groovy roller coaster ride – and it is!”

“Charismatic, blonde, attractive vocalist Daria oozes a naive chutzpah which nimbly connects with every member of the audience, as she continually gestures and eyeballs everyone in turn – yeah she's talking to me, or maybe it's you – no but really it's me.”

“The Jooles are vivacious, young and groovy, like The Archies cartoon come to life. Even their names make you think you're flicking through the pages of a teen mag from pop's golden age – meet: Daria, Alex, Chris, Katha & Richie.”

“Make a joyful noise indeed. The German group The Jooles has a wonderful retro flavored bit of Sunshine Pop with "Feels Like Christmas". There weren't a whole lot of Pop Christmas records in the late 60s and early 70s and this one sort of helps to fill that gap.”

“December 21st's Christmas Song of the Day is a sunshiney tune from Berlin retro-band The Jooles. Nothing feels more like Christmas than a song that reminds you of all those wholesome family shows you watched growing up (if you were a child of the 70's).”