The Johnny Walker Experience / Press

“I have shared the same stage with Jonathan (Johnny) on several occasions and find him to be an a-list musician and one of the finest musicians the state of Virginia has to offer. His material is fresh, creative and full of life. Additionally, Johnny has shared some of his self-produced material with me and the sound/mix quality is always spot-on. I'd welcome the opportunity to work with Johnny in his future music endeavors.”

Tommy Shine - Virginia Local Music - VLM

“Hey Johnny, What an incredible life story and career, showing amazing resilience. Your song "Nevermind" is a beautiful track; the addition of the Spanish guitar is perfect. Love the Paisley Park references... am a huge Prince fan too. Thanks so much for finding me and Happy New Year!”

Janice Kephart - Reverbnation

“Thanks very much ! it’s an honor to receive from an excellent musician like yourself sincere encouragement, I really appreciate your work continue to make us travel in your fantastic musical universe and I wish you much success with a long successful career musically!”

Olivier Olsen - Reverbnation

“You are so UNIQUE.. I couldn't stop listening to "Searching for Light - The Trayvon Martin Story - The 911 Tapes" ... and "Change the World" is a smash hit!”

Taylor Morrison - Taylor Morrison Music Group

“Masterfully written, super high quality voice..."3 Letters" got my attention!...All of your songs are enjoyable and extreamly marketable! Sony Records should pick you up!!”

Ray of Strangewind - Reverbnation

“Outstanding passion in your amazing voice on "3 Letters"! Very cool musical moods as well!”

John Revitte - Reverbnation

"3 Letters" is simply beautiful.....Love the intro, great vocals....LOVE it!

Melsi - Lyrisist - Reverbnation

"Black Light" is a very fine pop song, very well performed!

Evan Paul - Reverbnation

“This is music as good as it gets...I could stay on this page a full day and it still wouldn't be long enough. Your songs are amazing..your vocals are positively sublime and you perform these songs so brilliantly. The arrangements and production is pure quality..It's a long time since I've been so impressed. Hope you are steadily overcoming your health problems. All the very best to you.”

Paul Dunn - Songwriter - Reverbnation

“Your "wall of sound" is overpoweringly pleasing combined with your superb flowing vocals. VERY NICE.”

The C.R Ecker Band - Reverbnation

“Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Mis mejores deseos para ti y tu música. Besos desde España.”

Natalia Palacios - Reverbnation

“Listening' to "Nevermind" ... Fantastic Vocals , Harmony , Band , mix , production ... Loving' it x 10!!!”

Cliff Jordan - Reverbnation

“You have a wonderful voice, a smooth and loving sound. Beautiful. Thank you.”

Shailaun - Reverbnation

“Outstanding songs, way to express and pierce all walls. Love it. Great mix of styles and sound. Great production also.”

Brent Zen - Reverbnation

“Way better than Seal or John Mayer...you've got REAL emotion and talent combined...whew!! Your voice is as hot as it gets. Your friends.”

Kurve - Reverbnation

“I was completely mesmerized when I listened to The Johnny Walker Experience's "Searching for Light - The Trayvon Martin Story". The mix of music, lyrics and dispatch audio transmissions was at once brilliant and tragic. Other tracks, such as "Black Light" and "3 Letters," take R&B, soul, and lyricism to levels that call to mind Seal as well as Usher's "Moving Mountains" and "U Got It Bad." "3 Letters" showcases Walker's fluid vocals especially well. Be sure to read his Reverbnation bio to get an even better idea of where this talented artist is coming from.”

“Having been in the industry for 45 years and working with major recording artists, I can confidently say that Johnny has the feel of a classic artist. I will be watching his success with bated breath.”

“Nominated the Best R&B Artist of the 757 Hampton Roads. According to VEER Magazine 2012-13 VEER Music Awards.”