Johnny Boots / Press

“Johnny “Boots” Giannicchi is the real deal: a fabulous blues- rock guitarist and singer who has gigged and worked hard to get where he is today. Besides these roles, this Connecticut gentleman is also the band leader and producer of his latest release, All or Nothing. This CD is a blues-rock juggernaut that includes nine original tracks and four well-chosen covers. There is a definite Stevie Ray Vaughan vibe to this work, with occasional forays in the directions of delta blues and country. All or Nothing is a slickly-produced CD with plentiful guitar chops and thirteen very listenable tracks that provide almost an hour of musical entertainment. It is a great follow-up to Johnny Boots’ previous release, Everybody’s Got to Eat, and any fan of blues or rock will find something to like on this one. I recommend that you give it a listen; you will certainly get your money’s worth!”

"There are only so many places blues-rock can go, but Johnny Boots visits all of them on his latest self-released effort, “All or Nothing.” Boots — aka Fairfield resident John Giannicchi — shows his chops on guitar as he and his band blow through 9 solid originals and four classic covers, each with an azure tint. They’re fine musicians in fine form, and they’re clearly having a blast, which means there’s an excellent chance that you will too."

“Johnny Boots 'All Or Nothing' is a seriously well performed album with cutting edge guitar work. Johnny's lyrics bring you straight to the scene of the crime!! Well written, well played gutsy, bold and full of life. I really, really like this band and their new album 'All Or Nothing'! Stick that in your fuse box!!!”

“Hey Johnny ! Great CD ! (All or Nothing CD) ”

"This CD has it all, great playing and vocals, great arrangements,tunes and superb recording. I don't know what the budget was but it sounds like a million!" (Everybody's got to eat - CD)

"In our opinion this is one of the top 3 bands we have at North Star. This guy is an incredible guitar player and does Steve Winwood better than Steve Winwood!"

"How about this band? Put your hands together for the guitar player (Johnny)!"

"I was knocked out by your new cd and sent it to Living Blues as one of my top 25 for July." (Everybody's got to eat - CD)

"I have fallen in love with this CD...I think this CD is loaded with hits" (Everybody's got to eat - CD)

“Guitarist Johnny 'Boots' Giannicchi burns up the fretboard on a set of blues-rock originals. He plays with a thick, dirty guitar tone sure to thrill electric blues fans, and sings in a voice that fits with the blues. He swings, he shuffles and he rocks.(Everybody's got to eat - CD)”

“Here's a guitar player/vocalist, who can write his own songs and play with the fire of a Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, a real deal "Italian Stallion," when it comes to riding the blue note into the stratosphere to entertain the heavens and the rest of us music fans here on Mother Earth!!”