The John Egan Band / Press

“like lights out...the weird thing about it is, i really like it. the singer sounds like he needs a little more time in the sunlight, but the band plays like lights out. i'm not sure what that means, but it sounded like it made sense at the time. ”

“Raw, energizing, heartfelt - Listen and love it! The stories told in these songs are so heartfelt that you instantly feel the mood and sentiment being conveyed. The music is raw and energizing! ”

“I really like this one...straight forward...Credit should be given to the production of this tape; clean yet maintaining the power and energy this three piece apparently hurls out. Nice work.”

Danny McLaughlin - The Noise - Rock Around Boston

“The simple guitar-bass-drums instrumentation and the straightforwardness of the songs make them surprisingly winning. John Egan’s...band plays with verve, something like a less raw Ramones...cool”

Jimmy Moore - Sweet Potato Magazine