The Jericho Harlot / Press

“Whether it be a catch riff, tasteful melodies and harmonies, or lyrical content that doesn't fill space....but tells a story.”

“2015 and beyond should bring great accomplishments for the guys of Jericho Harlot, and as a fan myself, I would be remiss if I did not tell you....no, demand, that you do yourself a favor and check these guys out for yourself!”

Joe Ryan - The Examiner

“With fast-paced, catchy riffs and hard-hitting drums suitable to incite feverish dancing from punk fans and clean yet subtly raspy vocals, The Jericho Harlot creates an upbeat, alternative sound.”

“The Jericho Harlot’s sound is bright, three-chord, intelegently simple. Harmonized choruses with long vocal holdovers. They owe much to early Green Day and Alkaline Trio.”

“I’ve heard these guys play. It wasn’t a revival show. It was good, solid, quicktime rock. New Favorite Band!”

Salina Underground

"One of the tightest, and most talented rising artist I've worked with in years"

Ethan Hunter - indie management company