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“Grungy doom blues” is how the Jackpine Snag defines its sound, and that’s an apt descriptor. The Lansing-based band’s latest seven-inch, “The Omega Stump,” is a raw, heavy, druggy brew of sonics that’s potent. Songs like “The Captive Waltz” and “The Big Win” offer a catchy, bluesy groove, with thick guitars and coarse riffing. The release is a great choice for Michigan music fans. The disc was recorded by Lansing’s Isaac Vander Shuur (The Hat Madder), produced by Vander Shuur and the Jackpine Snag and mastered by Lansing’s John Krohn (Frontier Ruckus). If there’s one motif on the EP, it’s the Jackpine Snag’s ability to capture a rawness — a wild, spontaneous, untamed edge — in their sound. On “The Omega Stump,” the band — which includes Todd Karinen (drums), Joe Hart (guitar, Vocals) and Greg Lamb (bass) — keeps things exciting from start to finish with six songs of rousing rock. “The Baby Soon” brings the EP to a crushing close with ”

“The Jackpine Snag are a "grungy doom blues" band from Lansing that started in 2010”

“JACKPINE SNAG: The Omega Stump: 7” EP Bluesy grunge—or, the Melvins and Mudhoney fuck incessantly and, on the seventh hour of the seventh day of the seventh month, the latter releases a little sonic gastrointestinal byproduct into the atmosphere for the listening enjoyment of all. –Jimmy Alvarado (Silver Maple Kill, silvermaplekill.weebly.com)”

“When The Jackpine Snag describes their sound, they keep it simple. They explain that their sound was created to fill the void required by bands who love blues and hard rock music, yet wanted to hear a grunge influence.”