The Ivy Walls / Press

“They're named after a particularly cinemtaic image - The Ivy Walls, an evocative handle that suggests separation, beauty, higher education, and the union between the natural and the artificial. The music has a film-like quality too; it's dreamy, lush, and as romantic as a Hollywood score. The Ivy Walls call their sophomore album "The Elegant Universe", and it's an apt title: this is the sort of set that invites listeners to lose themselves in waves of glorious sound. The band has been likened to other adventurous sonic landscapers: Death Cab For Cutie, Wilco, The Stone Roses, and Broken Social Scene. These comparisons certainly aren't misleading, but The Ivy Walls have developed a musical and visual aesthetic all their own. ”

"Well, the elegant part of this album title is spot on. The music has a suave demeanor that would put the band in the big league immediately, if all things were just and fair. Their songs give out a wealth of good feeling, almost making you suspect that you might have heard some of these songs before. Almost is the key word, because the material is as fresh as newly baked bread, and the ingredients are all top quality. It's a blending of the best 80's new wave, and what might be called 'shoegaze' from the 90's, although the latter term is a bit of a misnomer when applied here. These songs do not have an introspective feel to them, but reach out to you in no small way. What it comes down to is that there is more sophistication in the music than shoegaze ever had, assured without being pompous, direct without being demanding. The Ivy Walls have crafted a pretty distinctive sophomore album here, which might just get the avalanche of listeners that it deserves." Kev A. Leicester Bangs. UK.

“Call it the pre-Coachella drain, but sorry to say, there’s not much going on this week. While most of the music world is amping up for three smelly days in the desert, Detroit Bar is still going. Los Angeles’ The Ivy Walls will be performing with Winston and the Telescreen Thursday night. They list their band member as “Ryan, Adam, the Count and Jeff,” and list everyone from the Stone Roses and M83 to jesus and the Mary Chain as their influences—so you can bet that expectedly dreamy sound, with the slightly fuzzy, indiscernible vocals, of course, are definitely there. The Ivy Walls seem to bring a slightly more pop-like element to the droney guitars and shoegaze sound, which make them a band to watch.”