The Irresponsibles / Press

“Good rock music has a sense of wild abandonment and irresponsibilty, an aura of naughtiness surrounding it. Band's like The Irresponsibles bring back the glory days of bands like Blondie to the forefront of your mind. This is just good music, it rocks with memorable hooks and irresistable female vocals. You gotta love bands like this!”

““Let it Out” is a consistently professional and hard rocking release from the powerful rock quartet The Irresponsibles. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable CD that never disappoints with its strong melodies, pulsing rhythm section, edgy vocals and structured songs that distain archaic formula rock. ”

"The Irresponsibles infectious punk-edged sound comes across something like Ash but with female vocals and more bite."

James McKenzie - DB Magazine

"Baby Animals with a twist of funk"

"The Irresponsibles are proof there is real, raw rock still left in Adelaide"

"Ballsy female-fronted rock"