Max & the Invaders / Press

“Long-lived Milwaukee ska proponents Max & the Invaders have lengthened their name and the addendum to their handle gives occasion for them to expand aesthetic horizons with appropriations of surf/spy/hot-rod rock, various facets of reggae, calypso and sub-Saharan African pop. Adding violin and flute contributes to the Invaders distinction among their skanking stylistic kin. As song lengths approach the five-minute mark, the group's welcome skirts the periphery of burnout, but there are usually enough vocal and instrumental elements going on to keep one's ears perked. Closing the album with a radical reinterpretation of fusion jazzman Chuck Mangione's biggest easy listening hit shows the good-humored chutzpah and keen ear for remakes often marketing the best of Max and Co.'s ska forebears. Weather the groups chosen genre ever sees another burst of trendiness, their ability to incorporate related sounds should keep them a favorite among the open-minded diehards.”

“The Invaders sixth album is at its best when the band recalls the genre's '60s formative era in witty little story songs. The group achieves its own twist with the inclusion of harmonica and violin amid the requisite brass, keyboards and hyperactive rhythm section.”

“Milwaukee’s signature ska group, The Invaders perform their trad-roots-leaning third wave ska, which eschews some of the punkier riffs their peers increasingly are falling back on in favor of a more authentic, ’60s Jamaican shuffle. ”