The Interstellar Elevators / Press

“The Interstellar Elevators have carefully collaborated an assorted set of instruments to create the perfect meld and balance between jazz and hip-hop...the boys distinctly combine their unique talents into one melodic marvel.”

“A six piece band that melts Jazz, Funk, Ska, Rock and Hip Hop into a scrumptious and groovy indie fondue.”

““Paper on Plastic” is all killer and no filler, not unlike that house party you went to where that guy did a keg stand for twenty six seconds and then jumped into the pool with all of his clothes on.”

“The Interstellar Elevators certainly have a bright future ahead of them, and a past filled with pride.”

Bela Litvak - The Weston Journal

“[The Interstellar Elevators] got huge props for talent, creativity, originality and just plain fun. They were masters of their instruments, made fun of pop culture with clever lyrics and mashed up genres in ways that were worked perfectly. The Interstellar Elevators thrived on the stage presence and audience engagement of their frontman, Billy Rodriguez-Lopez.”

“[The Interstellar Elevators] whisk together pop rock, jazz and funk in a Kanye West-meets-Steely Dan melange.”

“...one of the few bands that just make this giant smile break out on my face every time I hear them.”

"With perfectly blended sound the Interstellar Elevators put on a show that is almost unbelievable, covering several genres with the most unique set of instrumental accompaniments."

““This band is beyond polished and studio-ready. They NEED to cut a record and be spun on all the pop stations. The consensus last night was that Rodriguez-Lopez is a cross between Travis Macoy and Gabe Saporta. Its just great music."”

“On Jan. 21, during the weekend of the world-famous NAMM Show, the finalist bands will take center stage at the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim, Calif., and perform live in front of a panel of professional judges and hundreds of fans for the chance to take the title of "Best Teen Band in the USA. The 2012 SchoolJam USA finalists are (in alphabetical order): Almost Chaos (Santa Cruz, Calif.) Jazz Avenue (San Diego) Closer Than We Appear (Scituate, Mass.) Squash (Salt Lake City) Ergo We Play (Knoxville, Tenn.) The Hi-Tops (Jeffersonville, Ind.) Impakt (Los Angeles) The Interstellar Elevators (Weston, Conn.)"”

“[The Interstellar Elevators] are creating some of the most amazing musical art in our state.”

“...The unique blend of jazz, funk, and hip-hop adds to their sheer originality and showmanship, which has made them arguably the most popular band Weston has seen in recent years.”

"I am so incredibly proud of them," said Weston High School Music Director Sal LaRusso. ""They are a group of dedicated and driven musicians. Success was bound to be a part of their future and we are fortunate to have them serve as role models and leaders."

"Paper on Plastic [The Interstellar Elevators' 2011 EP] continues in the experimentation and evolution of hip-hop that A Tribe Called Quest found success with."

"I would have walked right by, but something caught the corner of my eye; the slate marked off with times and bands, and has chance had it, the bizarre circumstances of this Universe wanted to give me a much needed lift. I took a breath of relief, and smiled as the doors opened, and I walked into the dim-lit shaft of The Interstellar Elevators. I had first seen this band perform in Hartford, CT, and was seriously impressed by their talent, rhythm, lyrics and energy."

"A Jazzy group with a hip-hop beat."