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"Your religion has come to kill you." You prayed to the gods of punk, hardcore and thrash and The Insurgence showed up at El Corazon in Seattle on Oct 29th and KILLED! Killed everything moving, taking no prisoner's and leaving no witnesses. The Insurgence f**king destroyed on this night! Being a big fan of everything I heard from this band, this was the first time I caught them live. Blown away! The Insurgence like to call out the bullies in society, government, religion whoever needs to be put into check. Not sounding like your being preached to, it's more coming from the gut, sincere, raw and pissed off. These dudes straight out rock. To be honest it's a mystery how a band this good, supporting such a killer CD are not dominating the freggin world right now. If I was a betting man, I would bet the f**king house it's just a matter of time. Keep an eye on The Insurgence, big things are in the near future and I'm thinking a cover feature right here on Blackhole Magazine NW-soon.

“The Insurgence and their hardcore punk music garnered so much praise and attention from the Voodoo audience. We had the pleasure to meet up with the gang when the played in San Francisco and these guys sure know how to bring the noise!!!”

“Sounds Like: crossover whore mother! The Insurgence come from Seattle, but fortunately they are not flanelowymi smutasami, only supporters of mixing punk, hardcore and thrash metal. Punk base are important influences Rancid. And well, as noble a band. Patents h / c, which is relatively the least, remind me of Minor Threat. Thrash metal and we have a lot: solos a'la young Mustaine and Holt. At the end of the riffs are derived directly from Motorhead and the mixture comes out fast, efficient and digestible. For this seasoned with a few different from each other vocals, which also mix, oj mix. "Punk is metal played badly," says Steve Harris. The Insurgence do not fit into this scheme. More www.theinsurgence.com”

“On the punk side of the thrash spectrum, we have Seattle, WA's THE INSURGENCE. These guys offer up a three point punch to the throat with heavy doses of rockin' punk, aggressive hardcore, and searing crossover thrash. With teeth-gritting, fist-pumping angst, The Insurgence deliver the goods on their Never Surrender EP and their self-titled full-length.”

“After more than 20 years, does hardcore really have anything left to say? Seattle Washington's The Insurgence think so, and their new self-titled album seems to suggest they're able to back that up. At first listen, the immediate impression is of good musicians playing loud, aggressive hardcore. A second listen shows what sets this band apart. The Insurgence have a refreshing lyrical depth, tackling not only standard hardcore fare of corrupt politicians, and life on the streets, but also looking further afield to international issues like oft-ignored conflict in Darfur. The band doesn't shy away from religion either, confronting honor killings in their range of subjects. It's worth buying the physical CD from Digital Warfare Records, rather than going the new media Mp3 route, because the CD comes with digital liner notes, including full lyrics sheets, and a bonus music video for an extra song, "K Street Killers".”

“INSURGENCE, THE: Self-titled: CD First full length from this Seattle five piece. Produced by Jack Endino, who also produced the last Valient Thorr record. “Honor Killing” and “Barbed Wire Fences” caught my ear. Live, I bet these dudes go for the throat. Check out the enhanced content on this CD to catch the lyrics (which sometimes go by in the songs in a flash) and a video for “K Street Killers,” a song from their first EP where they express their wish to blow this street to smithereens. Just not when I am driving nearby, okay fellas?”

“Seattle Producer Jack Endino does it again with The Insurgence... The Insurgence has something to say and you should listen. Touching on current topics and hoping to educate all who listen to them mixed with some hard no punches barred rock n' roll. With Mike Time Bomb on Guitar, Del also on Guitar, Justin on Bass and the hard hitting Josh Sinder 0n Drums this band rocks... There is not a sinker on the CD .. Stand outs include "Blood Money", "This Bullet Has No Name" and "Black Picket Fences"... They have played with such acts as Rancid, Circle Jerks, DOA, Dropkick Murphy's and Lower Class Brats.. They have a US tour set for 2010”

“The band from Seattle / Washington, you really can not make the accusation that they would have no power. No, not really. The 14 songs are an excellent energy performance. Enthusiastic, totally passionate, very fast and rocking with a guitar. Old U.S. hardcore with a modern twist. THE UNSEEN meet RANCID and MOTÖRHEAD. Produced by Jack Edino is always a mark of quality. Comes in a foldout digipack several times. ( www.razorblade-music.com ) (average 5.00 out of 5)”

"The Insurgence is a punk / hardcore band from Seattle, Washington as fans of the Dropkick Murphys, Bad Brains, and DOA is going to dig. Their music is as brutal as it is melodious, when you then add small guitar solos here and there and you have a sure winner. The band is fairly young, when they were formed in 2006. In its short existence they've had they have played as support for Rancid, Circle Jerk, Zeke, Bad Brains, DOA, Poison Idea, Misfits, dwarves, Casualties + + +. In other words, they are insanely cool. In 2009 they released an EP called Never Surrender, where we find today's track K Street Killers, they have also released their debut album in 2010."

“The Pacific Northwest's oh-so-controversially-titled Insurgence plays a style of fast, aggressive punk rock that’s equal parts hardcore, street punk and occasionally speed metal. Their self-titled release on Digital Warfare Records captures those sounds with ease from what appears to be a musically proficient act. Thematically, the Seattle-based quintet sticks to almost exclusively war-themed songs or metaphors. The Insurgence makes use of multiple vocalists depending on the song styles, with melody on the punkier tunes and raw-throated screams on the hardcore tracks. The band busts some mean chops on songs like the thrashy headbanger “Murder Pays” and catchy street-punk-meets-metal “Images of the Apocalypse,” while the shorter, crossover hardcore songs like “Honor Killing” command attention and make for a bit more interesting composition. ”

“Jumping back into the world of music and I came up with a gem of a band I haven’t heard of before – The Insurgence out of Seattle, Washington and man – they have that “punk” gene in their music, nothing like the thousands of bullshit-punk-wannabie bands flooding in on us nowadays. Click in to listen in and find out more. These guys get down to business and have immediately won me over as a fan. Too bad their only playing gigs in the States right now, get over to Europe guys! Oh yeah, as of today – May 4th, 2010 – you can listen in to the brand new album streaming on ThePunkSite.com – get there while you can or just buy the record, it’s worth it! ”