The Infamous Whyte Owl / Press

“your music is awesome!”

The Unnamed - Reverb Fan

“Yo - your shit screams adrenaline. Keep it movin'!!! Good luck with the music and that fighting shit. Blessings from Buffalo, N.Y.”

Lazyrus - Reverb Fan

“Damn! Talk about smooth rapid poetic raps! I'll be back for more! RS”

Rustik Spirit - Reverb Fan


Crooked Mindz ENT - Reverb Fan

“Bro!! Punishment with John Demeri is BADASS!!! LOVE IT!! Keep up your kick ass lyrical work man, you know how to kill it on the mic!! -Stephen Morse Drums/Percussion ”

Stephen Morse - Reverb Fan

“Kick ass tracks!!! \m/”

Blood Culprit - Reverb Fan

“Yo what dis is g-boy reppin pandalabs. your flow styles hella tight g.”

Panda Labs - Reverb Fan

“diggin the music...keep it going”

RedMic - Reverb Fan

“diggin BREAK FREE, just downloaded it for some spins on our radio show!”

S.D.B. Productions - Reverb Fan

“Hey! Break Free = AWESOME!!! Always love your tracks! MJ”

M. J. Vibes - Reverb Fan

“Your Music Is Real Good”

Diesel Man - Reverb Fan

“Man Whyte Owl youre something serious.Break Free is fire!”

Chris Williams - Reverb Fan

“Shits banggin bro!!!”

SnaggleToothBandit - Reverb Fan

“Amazing songs, sound and lyrics!! I think my fav is "Hellbound." I fanned you back. Keep it comin'! xx JA ”

Juliann Andreen - Reverb Fan

“This is EXACTLY what im talkin about,real music i can relate to and also be entertained by at the same time!Im feelin your style man its creative and unique!!!I will be sharing this!!!!!!”

Eric - Facebook

“Sickest shit ive heard in a long time from an up and coming artist!”

John - Fan

“Keeps getting even more real, kickin' harder, love the new tracks!”

Nachtwulf - Reverb Fan

“Keeps getting even more real, kickin' harder, love the new tracks!”

Nachtwulf - Reverb Fan

“Hey man, I'm really fucking with your style........ very very intellectual, I really fucks with that. It's not stupid, and dumbed down. I like your pictures too..... the Chakras, Pineal gland, the Egyptian "Lillitu" pictures.....I'm digging it. You must be one of the few people searching for the truth about reality. ”

IANCHRIST - Reverb Fan

“Hardest MC in Winston-Salem!!!!!”

Salem Boyz - Fan

“punishment is a dope track! i like the fusion!!”

Phenixx Storm - Reverb Fan

“Yoooo I be on rn checking out music and yours is by far the hottest that I have heard on here u re really good stay doing u fam lets get it ”

Jeronimo - Reverb Fan

“Very well done brilliant artistry!”

Lord of Spirits - Reverb Fan

“Thank you SO much for becoming a fan! :) I definately fanned back! You have some wonderful stuff on here!!”

Tiffany Kuenzi - Reverb Fan

“had to come back to show some love love gr8 music!!”

Phenixx Storm - Reverb Fan

“Music with a high level !!!! great songs ----------- greetings ____________ dj antonio -------”

DJ Antonio - Reverb Fan

“All I can say is HOT!!! Keep da grind alive my brotha!! Lady LOE”

Lady LOE - Reverb Fan

“CHAMPION is serious! Great artist, great vibe..keep on it!”

DollyG - Reverb Fan

“Coming thru with some love! Hot music baby boy! Stay up! Muwah!”

BeauutifulQueenn78 - Reverb Fan

“Nice work...great music here...peace Gary”

Vlay - Reverb Fan

“Whyte Owl brings out the BANG for the buck...not only an ill lyricist, but a knockout artist too...be sure to check out the video on his page...I'm filipino and I'm sure Whyte Owl will kick Pacquio's ass. Hahaa. That's wassup. Support my boi, the Infamous Whyte Owl. One. ”

EmDez The General - Reverb Fan

“I love your music. And your story is awesome.”

Ashley Long - Reverb Fan

“You got some great tracks!! ”

Andrea Godin - Reverb Fan

“dope tracks”

Black Marilyn Monroe - Reverb Fan

“sick man...got your own sound..i like it”

2Loud/One Way - Reverb Fan

“Sounds great man!!! Hellbound is fucking awesome!!!”

The Fanatic Schizo - Reverb Fan

“sic shit homie.jus the way i like it, tight flows ”


“Just listening to 'Hellbound'... Dude, you just keep doing it - hard hitting, real & fresh. You amaze me, seriously Whyte owl, fantastic music!”

Nachtwulf - Reverb Fan

“I absolutely love your music!!!!! Subarashi!”

M.J. Vibes - Reverb Fan

“Man, U got flow on u”

Synical Beats - Reverb Fan

“Great recordings. Enjoying the beat and your voice is great man. Keep it going. Mary ”

Mary Confurius - Reverb Fan

“Not too many rappers if any out here can say they are also a professional Mixed Martial Arts expert,this man is beating the shit outta of his music competition like he's in the cage with them!!!Cait wait to see where your at in 2 or 3 years!!!”

Jake Stylez - Fan

“Id like to see this dude on some Snowgoon tracks or with Jedi Mind Tricks or something,gritty underground rap the way it should be!Keep on spreading that truth homie!!!”

Matthew - Fan

“Without any doubt one of the best underground artists in North Carolina,this guy evolves musically it seems on a daily basis and what is being developed is something incredible!Perfecting his craft the way he is,with only 9 months of the rap game under his belt,i cant wait to see what this guy fully developes into...whatever it is Whyte Owl AKA Jericho Kane will without a doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the world of underground rap music!”

12 Guage - 34G Salem Hip-Hop

“great style my friend.”

Black Soul - Reverb Fan

“Hey buddy: "Who I Be" is excellent. Have a great weekend. Cheers. J”

Eugene Jacquescoley - Reverb Fan

“'Champion' is sounding A-1 with some great production and a deft rap style. Nice to be back for another listen. Cheers - TPK”

The Pizza Kings - Reverb Fan

“Hi how you doing? i love your music. keep on doing what you're doing! much love & respect from Iran!!! ”

Untitled Thugs - Reverb Fan

“a big fat WOW.. ”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly - Reverb Fan

“you're nothing but talent oozing out my speakers..Bumble. ”

Elsewhere and the Bumble fly - Reverb Fan

“Your music is awesome and you sir are SEEXXXYYYY!!!! :D!!”

Jamie - Myspace

“I always marvel at your ability to put just the right words together, add a beat and make everything come out just right. You're awesome! Happy Halloween :-)”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Fan


SSSIXXX - Reverb Fan

“I started by clicking on "Gravedigga" and was immediately hooked! You, my dear friend Whyte Owl are a master of your trade and I'm proud to say I love everything on here. You have a new fan :-)”

Delaney Simpson - Reverb Fan

“Damn, man, your music is good. Pure sexiness oozes from each lyric, and depth of thoughts infuse each measure. I'm hooked...”

Karina - Rever Fan

“Keep up the good work.You deserve all success you need.LYRICKSO ”

LYRICKSO - Rever Fan

“your flow is like a mighty river....SHADES”

Shades Of Society - Reverb Fan


CHARDONEE - Reverb Fan

“Shit goes hard my Craka!”

Bizzle&Blizz - Reverb Fan

“You Rock My Friend!! Great Tunes!!! ”

Mark Steven - Reverb Fan

“Great sound, aggressive voice! Compliments my friend! ”

Recoyl - Reverb Fan

“U rock ”

So' BoWo - Reverb Fan

“Hey there boo, I just ran across your Reverb page and I loved your music! Keep it up.. You got a fan here in the ATL now.. :) Much love! ”

Elizabeth28 - Reverb Fan

“Wicked Voicebox is awesome! all of it is, keep it up, man!”

Tyler Aucoin - Reverb Fan

“Im sittin here listenin 2 ur tracks n i gotta say im thoroughly enjoyin it!!! I can c ur authentic my guy, I also c dat u aint tryna b nebody but urself, which is why i think u gon really do big things wit dis music if u keep doin what u doin... Much love n respect ---F.I.Z--- ”

Fiz-Tha Project Caucasian - Reverb Fan

“you are awesome! Hot!! Thanx so much for sharing your trax! Yeah!!!!!/JakI Song”

Jaki Song - Reverb Fan

“'Gravedigga' diggin! ”

The World Of Subduction - Reverb Fan

“DAMN!!!! I love this! MJ ”

M. J. Vibes - Reverb Fan

“Master of mystique....killer sick stuff!!! ~KCD”

KC Daleigh - Reverb Fan

“nice flow on your tracks. you got a cool fast flow and great lyrics. keep it going.”

Loop3rman/C.0H.T. - Reverb Fan

“like it,good content and wordplay. ”

Irish(Backroom Entertainment) - Reverb Fan

“Great stuff! Very original and cool sound.”

Steel Life Telescope - Reverb Fan

“Yo, for yall passer byers checkin out The Infamous WhyteOwl's page...straight from the bat...you won't be disappointed yo. This artist got mad beats and lyrical execution is dope and og. You can't just listen to just one track, so be ready to sit a minute, cuz you finna be amazed. Keep grindin big dawg. Love the lyrical twist too man. Hope we can do a collabo sometime in the future. One. ”

EmDez Tha General - Reverb Fan

“excellent production and one of the greatest rap stuff I heard for a long time , very cool !!!”


“champion - nice. FUCK the NWO. go on, tell it. ”

EMPIRE OF WOE - Reverb Fan

“man you got it,im not a huge rap fan,but this is the shit,i would deffinately crank your stuff out,your music is real,its raw and in your face,you dont hide behind a bunch of auto tuners and guest rappers,i hope only the best for you man,you got a fan in pittsburgh, take it easy, john ”

One Man's Hatred - Reverb Fan

“Im a cannibal to the rap game,be glad i havent ate it”

Whyte Owl - -

“Tolerate No Tyranny”

Whyte Owl - -

“holy shit,dude your bad ass as hell,war is fuckin awsome,great songs,awsome voice,”

One Man's Hatred - Reverb Fan

“Yo your music bang! Its really good and you need to keep it coming! You got dat fyah kid.”

Reverb Fan - -

“Keep up the work , your style is very unique!”

Reverb Fan - -




Reverb Fan - -

“Awesome ass kickin HIP HOP yo! You goin to the top!!! KA-BOOOOOOOM!”

THE TIME BOMB - Reverb Fan

“Bringing it on HARD! Dude, you just keep getting better, I don't know how you do it, don't care...just keep doing it.”

Reverb Fan - -

“Just keeps getting better! Loving your progress, noticed you're at No. 6 on Hip Hop charts...looking forward to seeing you at No. 1! ”

- - Reverb Fan

“thats sum original sound effex and style. Keep spittin em clean like that stay up. MX1”

MX1 - Reverb Fan

“Great wicked music here, i like strong and own personal styles. You are very gifted. Keep it up, ”

Coccinellai - Reverb Fan

“Your lyrics are OFF THE HOOK and your flow is impeccable! keep doin what your doin!!!”

Reverb Fan - -

“I stopped by to check out your tunes and i really like your sound. ”

Slay - Reverb Fan

“Shit is off the chain!”

Smoke32 - Reverb Fan

“tight flow, tuff jamz, shit i see u representin ”

ese psyclone - Reverb Fan

“Wicked Ryda GO HARD!!!!”


“I like your music ... interesting and cool... respectful greetings to you ”

ELCO - Reverb Fan

“im feelin ur wicked shit!!”

Reverb Fan - -


Mista Mead - Reverb Fan

“Declaration of war is a killer tempo and the wreck is way in check killer!i peeped 3x today dig yer break with the autowah very creepy crawly-bahaha!Fuckin Aye-This cracker can kill-For real! mfdd”

DaveyDemon&theHellrazours - Reverb Fan

“You possess mad talent! Much Love xoxo”

Funky Groovy Lemonade - Reverb Fan

“yer mic wrecking skills are impeckable!Davey Demon gotzyer back brutha- - ”

DaveyDemon&theHellrazours - Reverb Fan

“A clear style and a clear message - great lyrics!”

CarolineTy - Reverb Fan

“Im the rap anunnaki”

Whyte Owl

“I can always find a positive within a negative,therefore negativity will never harm me.”

Whyte Owl - "Unbreakable"

“There may be many with the name,but the one and only true owl,is the wicked one!”

Whyte Owl - The one and only