The Ill Funk Ensemble / Press

““The Duality” is filled with many highlights, like “Different Day (feat. Michael Gaydusek)” and “My Gosh,” but the track that epitomizes the sound of this outstanding band, is without a doubt “Find A Way (feat. Steven Atkinson).” This track has got it all. Beat, lyrics, flow, melody and chorus-line, with a hot musical arrangement to match. “Find A Way” stands head and shoulders above anything else on an album that is already air-tight on all levels, which should give you the measure of things.”

"GREAT album. Almost all the tracks are standout tracks. Ill Funk’s “The Duality” is well worth the money. 90/100"

“The Ill Funk Ensemble is about to change the face of hip hop music with their genre mashup that will separate them from the pretenders in the scene as soon as people hear it.”

"...the beauty of the Ill Funk flow is their genre-busting, generation-bridging mix of rap and soul."

"(The Duality) is a record that needs no trickery"

"... a cross between The Roots and Bobby Brown"

“...a fresh combination of jazz, rock, funk, hip-hop, rap, R&B, (and) soul”

Joe Milliken - Message for the Week

"If you’re a fan of hip-hop, The Music Mag strongly recommends The Ill Funk Ensemble."

"(The Ill Funk Ensemble) is full of positive energy, inspiration and food for thought..."

“...impressive, versatile abilities of the instrumentalists, namely BJ FitzGerald (guitar/vocals), Duane Etienne (bass/vocals), Joe Stoner (keys/vocals), and Dennis Brooks (drums/vocals). When the verses finish on tracks like “Get Down” or the title track, the band likes to kick into free-for-all jam sessions. On the former, the horn player’s lively and piercing solo gives the band a chance to show off its jazz-funk chops and rhythm-backing capabilities; but, the latter features Fitzgerald as the show-stealer, ending “Catching Wreck” with a deft, blues- rock improvisation.”

“...one of the area’s best live acts...”

"...energetic, soulful hip-hop..."

"You all know I have a profound love for positive Hip-Hop and I gotta say I really enjoyed hearing something fresh and different."

“...these guys are one of my favorite local acts”