The Hush Now / Press

"The Hush Now's magical debut record is a boost for any band. After listening to the album more than a few times, it's hard not to appreciate its rich, layered pop songs opulent with waves of melodies and harmonies accented by memorable keyboard riffs and catchy beats."

"The Boston-based shoegazers sound vibrantly atmospheric on their self-titled as they mix a lively composite out of Grandaddy's optimistic moments, Apples In Stereo's morning spray and finally they add their own elements to the story which is young blood."

“New Boston band The Hush Now deal in the lush, sugar-spun melodies of shoegaze’s dreamy heyday while also punching up their songs with the hooky muscle of bands like Guided by Voices and Built To Spill.”

“It’s rare for an album to unrelentingly crackle along with such thrilling pace with a vibrancy and quality that never lets up. Produced wonderfully (by David Newton of Mighty Lemon Drops), with a snappy bite and powerful clarity, this debut is deserving of some rabid, adoring attention.”

“Give this baby a couple of listens and you’ll be singing along in no time – which, ironically, works in direct conflict to the name of the band.”

“First, this was technically the band's live debut. And we don't just mean this particular line-up of the band, we mean it was their first gig, and The Hush Now was very convincing”

“Indie pop that belongs on your Elephant 6 shelf or fits just snuggly between your early Lemonheads records and your copy of Tullycraft: The Singles. It's good stuff. Hooky, cutesy, crushworthy!”

“I swear at times they're ringers for a sonically-improved Fudge, and that's high praise indeed. If you aren't convinced to go grab the full-length yet, here's a taste that should seal the deal...”