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“The Hungry Ears kicked off the night. This was a great wake up call for the early birds at Tidball’s. Their music is hard, vital, danceable, and is performed with lots of energy. It was easy to understand why they are regulars at Tidball’s and why the crowd was so into them. ”

Pennman - The Amplifyer

“The Hungry Ears Sound Like "Black Flag Produced by Dr Dre... "Frank Zappa meet The Dead Kennedys"”

Jason Punkneck - Great Minds

“T.H.E is the debut album of The Hungry Ears. According to Chris “The music and songs are feelings that have surfaced over the years, Me (chris) and J.D. have been in metal bands most of our lives and this music has always been there, we were just never able to put it with those bands. I consider this music more of a rock feel but anyone can get in to it from young to old, It’s music you can get out and shake your booty too. It’s kinda rockabilly, jam, a lil jazz plus something I can’t explain.””

" The Hungry Ears! A Rock And Roll Explosion!"

Great Minds

“'' in the vein of At the Drive In with keyboards in space!"”

“The Hungry Ears, the 6 member group from Bowling Green self-described as Sexy Sci-Fi New Wave Grunge. Before they began to play the band gathered together and threw their hands into the circle as a pre-show pep cheer.. The Hungry Ears have been around the scene with their latest lineup for a year now...which includes a clarinet, two keyboards, and an Apple laptop/syth all of which contribute to the band’s multifaceted sound. ”

" We couldn't stop watching, we wanted to see what you guys were gonna do next"

Drew Patrizi - What Made Milwaukee Famous

“ -from the first time i heard these guys i have been a big fan their high energy show is a must to see. if you like the ramones and rage against the machine just add some fresh lyrics and an all out stage assault you will love the hungry ears.DONT LET THE ZOMBIES EAT YOUR BRAINS.”

-Dave Boles, guitar legend

“Yo, this Hungry Ears shit kicks ass!”

Jordan Powell - Great Minds

“Their high energy show and all out stage assault make them a band like no other. Their music is hard, vital, danceable, and is performed with lots of energy. ”

Franne Jennings - Great Minds

“What can I say? The Hungry Ears have slaved themselves over a hard earned cd. I hope to expect more of their music in the future. I like the sound they make, it is one of a kind something I have really never heard before. They make it their own and rock it! It is like some kind of punk rock with a little bit of stray cats mixed with old school bands from back in day. I have my fav ...but I'd have to say I liked them all. Hungry Ears keep rocking it, you have a unique sound I am sure it will catch on and do great things....”

De J Elusive - Great Minds

“After submerging themselves into south central Kentucky’s underground music scene, far away artistically from the slag of commercial/country pop, where the confluences of punk, jazz, rap, rockabilly, experimental, and good old rock‘n’roll have morphed into a unique landscape, The Hungry Ears emerged with a new sound that echoes of London's 'New Wave Sexy Sci-Fi Grunge' while still reflecting T.H.E's  multitude of musical influences. The malleability of their sound has as much to do with the influences they site as it does with the conglomeration of musicians that have been folded into The Ears. Reformed by brothers J.D.( guitar/vox)(Schools/Dead Dick Hammer) and Chris Minor (bass guitar/vox) (FSS), with Melissa Mikolajczyk (clarinet/vox) The addition of Eric Curtis (keys/guitar/aux/b.vox)(Thee Japanese School Girls/VileJive), Cindy Darst (keys/b.vox)(The New Gods), and James Thompson (percussion)( 00The Rabbit) allows the band to to stretch out into areas that others simply c”

Franne Jennings - Great Minds

"JD Minor knows how to make the guitar look bad-ass no matter what he’s playing"

Mary Sparr - Young Marry Records

“THE HUNGRY EARS ARE an energetic mixture of...well everything. As you may expect with any rock band spittin' lyrics with a clarinet player, T.H.E. create constant sonic energy. Since 2008, the Ears have been sending words through the air on the backbone of an addictive power punk musical groove. Thecombination of JD Minor's voice, with the Level bass of Chris Minor, clarinet skillset of Melissa Mikolajczyk and multi-musician Michael McMillian has multiple layers of musical mayhem. For thoes counting that's a lot of M's. I'm not an expert on ears, or The Hungry Ears, and although I don't know what a "soul piercing diddy" is, I'm sure with songs named "Don't Let The Zombies Eat My Brains, "Ragamaroo," and "Fire Cracker" the Hungry Ears come close to definding it. if a mix of surfer rock and Rage Against The Machine, combined with power jams and energy is what the doctor ordered, be sure to drop on by and hear the Ears. ”

David Downing - Skye Magazine

“The Hungry Ears sure do know how to put out some soul piercing tunes ”

N.T. - Great Minds