The Howl / Press

“The Howl are a kick ass indie/punk band straight out of Humboldt Park and we are digging their punk take on rock and roll”

“Chicago grunge punks the Howl jam soulfully in a warehouse in their new music video for “Jejune”—a gloomy, yet urgent number, rocking in the realm of Rise Against and Gaslight Anthem with an emo twist. “The song is about adopting a naive state of mind in hope of a happier future,” says vocalist/guitarist Sam Porter. Diving deeper into the track, Porter adds, “I’ve put up my guard, because of the times I’ve been hurt in the past, and it keeps me from experiencing new things. If I could go back to a simpler state of mind, before I was ever burned by anything at all, embracing new things, new people and new ideas would seem much simpler. I get stuck in my ways and become a curmudgeon (something I’m trying to change). It's for letting go, and embracing the blissful ignorance for a brighter future.””

“The Howl is a four piece indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their technical approach to rock music is fresh and energetic but is still accessible to a diverse audience. They have spent the past two years writing and playing shows around the immediate Chicago-land area and have recently completed their debut EP, 900 Feet Beneath, that was released last week. “Dinner With Bentham”, in my opinion, is the crowning achievement on their unveiling EP. Submerged in a pool of rolling guitars and bleeding heart poetics, The Howl manage to tread and keep afloat in choppy math rock waters, while executing a layered yet catchy tune that keeps on giving. What I love about this track is how The Howl show control and refinement in the parts where most emerging bands allow themselves to drown. They never once let the instrumentation or the heavy lyrics chasten the chemistry or natural flow of the song, which allows it to sail smoothly through your cortex and drive the dopamine home.”