The House Harkonnen / Press

“Arlington’s The House Harkonnen started the evening off with a fury, their brand of punk/metal greatness fit the bill perfectly, as did their general attitude. Drawing from their already lengthy catalog of songs from their 6 previously released records, we were treated to a newer song from their upcoming record, which promises not to disappoint. If you have not seen these guys, you are missing out. Seriously. One of the best bands I’ve seen out of this area in YEARS.”

“Last night, the loudest rock band in North Texas absolutely dominated Curtain Club’s massive sound system while performing in front of a raucously spirited crowd. Hk blasted on to the stage playing three consecutive hits from their latest release and most acclaimed record to date, Vol. 6. The last four songs of the night featured another three tracks from Vol. 6 mixed in with a personal favorite of mine from Vol. 4, a song entitled Bullet. They closed with Tough Fucking News, a closing song title that contains a bit of irony because I can tell you with full confidence it was ‘tough fucking news’ to everyone in the audience that this would be their last of the night. After the curtain closed on Hk’s performance, the more than satisfied horde made their way to the outdoor patio to talk about how HK is hands down the most exciting live act in town, and most importantly, to discuss the location of the nearest drugstore that stocks hearing aids. ”

“One of the many strong acts nominated for the Best Hard Rock DOMA this year, The House Harkonnen puts together a top-notch heavy rock show with Grade A solos from both guitarists and loud, loud badassery from all four. It's no small feat for me to say this, but The HK was hands down the loudest band that I saw all night. While all four of these guys are true professionals on stage, much of its appeal comes from fantastic frontman Alex Johnson. HK performs like they were built to do this, and honestly, they just might be. Quite comfortable on the stage, this act is a polished one that more often than not levels the crowds that assembles before it. And as high-energy as this band was for the duration of their set, it all ended quite abruptly. While playing, Johnson removed his guitar from his shoulder and took a shot at the drum kit. He then had a mini dust-up with the kit, ending with a bass drum being flung behind him as his final act of destruction. ”