The Hopheads / Press

“Crappidy crap! Awesome!! This tunes made me toss a live chicken ten feet!!!”

The Tornaparts - Revebnation

"get yourself a day job and try to survive the shit like the rest of us.." perfect rolling thunder and loads of rawk and roll..like crashing a party with Gang of Four, Johnny Cash and The Pogues all playing these tunes. absolutely fantastic!!

“The Sheople Have Spoken is one of the coolest, up-your's, anti-establishment songs I've ever heard. Yes, we're all getting screwed, big time and you folks are leading us in glorious song to rally against it all. Frank Smith”

“idleMob recommends hit play all,then leave the computer and support your local hop farmer,awesome music ”

“Intensely Fun! Biting lyrics but with a sense of humor! I hope The Hopheads "hop on" writing more great tunes!”

George Cron - Reverbnation

“Great stuff my friends. Love the emotion and logic in these songs. Dour and Striking. Thanks for sharing”

“Great band here, outstanding music, we suggest "Play all", great great vibe. And thanks so much for your kind words, it really means a lot. And yes were working on an 12 song LP. We would love to do a show with The Hopheads, so keep that in mind. Great tracks here. Thanks for being our fan! Recordando a José Guerena de nuevo el día de hoy. Con respeto”

“i absolutely LOVE it!!!! great unique style!! you guys are rockin' it!!!”

Ashley Edwards - Reverbnation

“Going through your whole play list a second time. Everything on here is a winner..but "Johnny Law" has got to be one of the best songs..Ever! Bring your awesomeness to the west coast (please?) :-) ”

“dont care whooo u are! you gotta love this!.....Pearl”

“Absolutely Love "Don't be that guy" LOL!!!”

Leland Luster - Reverbnation

“With a mixture of Green Day, Sublime, Johnny Cash the music was sort of a Blue Grass/Country with a rock n Roll sound, The music was very upbeat, fun and had spirit to it, I enjoyed listening to what they had to offer and what the band put out there, the band has a lot of energy as a whole and individually they are there own personalities, ”

“Look out world!The hopheads are here and they will rock the place to the ground!”

Idle Eye - Revebnation

“You guys are great fun . The Real Deal ... sounds so good !”

Pigs Of Oblivion - Revebnation

“Catchy, funny, clever stuff, guys :-)”

41 Miles - Revebnation