The Hope Band / Press

“The Hope Band, (Hope on vocals), I had never heard Hope or the band prior to this so it was an anticipatory moment when she piped her first notes. Captivating to say the least. Her voice holds all the elements of soul, funk, JAZZ, BLUES, and Gospel.”

“Back to BJB's and the Hope band. She did a really great "You Make Me Feel" and even though I wanted to get back to Fishtale’s, her voice and interpretation of songs kept me in my chair 'til she finally said "Good Night".”

“Allen Kanovsky, Klezmerist. (Jazz&Blues Florida magazine 3/11/13) When you talk about "soul" Hope does it from her very depths and with a capital S. Mike Orta came in and after his listening to only a few bars said to me "This gal CAN sing"... " Ms. Hope sings a few notes and before she is into the second chorus half the crowd is up shaking their proverbial you know whats."”