The Hoot Hoots / Press

“a fun-loving and energetic brand of power pop suited for sing-alongs. The Hoot Hoots’ songs are jammed with fuzzy guitar, fuzzier keyboard lines, cheerfully crashing symbols, and sugary background vocals that appear intermittently (almost like the woodland creatures in Disney animated features that pop up just to add an “ooo ooo ooo” or a “la la la”). Even though the album sports crisp production, there are certainly traces of the exuberant lo-fi pop charm of bands like the Unicorns.”

“The Hoot Hoots blend seemingly ridiculous lyrics with such driving beats and unapologetically simple melodies. They seem to have found the right balance of silliness and honest-to-god rock and roll talent, which is at the core of what makes them so damn fun to experience. The band’s musicianship impresses so much that the listener gets the feeling that the band could just as easily be the world’s best country-western group, or the most popular emo-hipster-indie band. Knowing this makes it all the more fun when they write songs about what one might do with a newfound 20 bucks, spinning in circles publicly, and wasting a day playing video games.”

“With The Shins on sabbatical and quirky pop outfit The Unicorns long-dissolved in other projects, The Hoot Hoots have picked up the torch, carefully building on the idiosyncratic, whimsical sounds of those bands with their second release, Appetite for Distraction, a 10-song long cakewalk crammed with tight pop melodies, expressive, lush harmonies, and kooky sound effects across the board... While the group's fun-loving, reverential spirit keeps them orbiting their influences, their high-energy songbook, full of stories about ghosts and robots and brain eating dinosaurs, captures the essence of goof-pop with upbeat, irrepressible glee.”

“Power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots know how to have fun, and their newest release Appetite for Distraction proves it. Their second full-length album of the year is rife with singsong choruses, idyllic imagery and enough peppy riffing to keep listeners feeling fuzzy long after the last track has finished.”

“The Hoot Hoots have, "flashy, out of control pop sensibilities" and possess the "ability to boisterously belt lyrics about outer space and somehow seem tender at times as well- even in the same song. They're a strange amalgam of influences, that bunch, and really, they are an incredible live band."”