The Honorifics / Press

"Rock n' roll as it should be - fun!"

Celtic Machinations - on The Honorifics

"I grew up listening to my brother's early 60's 45s and you guys really seem to have captured the essential juice of what made me enjoy it so much."

Living Waters Music - Facebook

"Good music here ! Very joyful and positive, Rainy Day Bells is perfect. "

Lucie Dehli & Jorge - love The Honorifics

"Instant classic feel to this music. Phenomenal vocal harmonies reminiscent of a unique time."

Deep In The Heart - on The Honorifics

"Your vocals and arrangements are wonderful ... a bit of classic pop with a current mix. Very nice!"

A Nice Vibe - talking about The Honorifics

"I grew up listening to the oldies station, and your retro sound reminds me those kinds of songs. Also, your work is quite superb!"

Mark Raven - on The Honorifics

"Good old fashioned harmonies with an original rock 'n roll feel. Love it!"

Malcolm Ian Connell - on The Honorifics

"Awesome tracks, the instrumentation is excellent and the vocals are outstanding, definitely a favorite..."

The Prairie Travelers - on The Honorifics

"Cool sound here -- sort of rockabilly, sort of British invasion! Great vocals, nice tight band, and cool tunes. Well done!"

The Professor and Naomi Kay - about The Honorifics

"Just Gotta Sing going old school. Great stuff!!"

Scott Abene - loves The Honorifics

"You guys have not only got a great name, but a singular and unique sound! I'm really loving your cover of Suspicion! Probably better than the original, actually. Love what you did with the chorus. Great touch!"

SpEnt fiXer - digs The Honorifics

"The Honorifics make my kind of music! You sure put a smile on my face when I listen to your tunes!!!"

Billy Band - on The Honorifics

"Suspicion has just blown me away... WOW, what a master piece of a unique style of music this group has recorded... ... They have rocked my memories and I would bet that "The Honorifics" will rock other listeners as well... Great Sound!!!!"

"Tuning back in to the great sounds of The Honorifics. Charming, sweet, wholesome. Delightfully smooth duets. "It Must Have Been Love" is especially precious."

Makke - describing The Honorifics

"Wow...I have been overtaken by the exceptional mood of your outstanding music, what a ride. loving the experience."

RS Mahmoud - describing The Honorifics

"The Honorifics most certainly do HONOR to Rock & Rockabilly! This band of talented songsters is going on my hit parade of Favorites!"

Vaughn St. Clair - on The Honorifics

"Incredibly catchy, infectious & charming Retro Country/Rockabilly anthems with a lovely acoustic Folk edge! Accomplished rhythm guitar playing & fab guy/girl vocal harmonies; the two voices compliment each other beautifully, defo reminiscent of Johnny Cash & June Carter!..."

Jamie Connolly - describing The Honorifics

"Catchy tunes, danceability to the highest degree, infectious riffs, what more could you ask for?"

“JUST GOTTA SING, like the rest of your tracks, cuts cleanly and crisply through the genre clutter with a groove that slices directly to the heart with honest power. Like a sharp needle. it pierces deeply, making it impossible to ignore. This is music with teeth, heart, soul and big brass balls.”

"Your style and that deep voice. Bring me back in time. Bless this page! Life needs you! The music industry really needs you and you should be coming out of everyone's radio no KIDDING! ...=_=.. ♥ ♫"

MaryAnn - on The Honorifics

"Fantastic versions of some rockin classics featured here..diggin your vocal work for 'Only In My Dreams' and just love that shimmering, hypnotising take on 'Suspicion'..love the drums!!"

"Nice tracks here, really enjoyed "Rainy Day Bells & Suspicion"...excellent vocal work & production!" -Dave

Audio-Knoxx Productions - discovers The Honorifics

""Making me nostalgic and I love it! Great selections...presented with upbeat passion and superb skill. Well done!!"

Aleii Joan - talks about The Honorifics

".... you have an excellent band and your classic sound and vibe is awesome, great music my friends!..All the best!"

Pete Roikola-Rocko - The Honorifics have the sound and vibe!

“Wonderful voice and songs! Really enjoying your music! ♪♫•*♪¨♪*•♫.¸¸♥ ¸¸.♫•*♪¨♪*•♫♪ XD Peace and Serenity Ely & Bruno”

"The music is great...a lot like the Mavericks in so many ways...but all your own...love "It Must Have Been Love"

Holy Kiss - digs The Honorifics

""The Elvis classic is given a very classy and shimmering reimagining by this wicked-cool, Vegas band, The Honorifics!"

MikeWhitePresents - loves Suspicion

"So wonderful hearing your music.... didn't wanna leave!!!! My ears want me to stalk your page..."

C. Markham - discovering The Honorifics

"I've still got my Suspicions, that these tunes are worthy of a wider audience! MWP will do all we can to spread The Honorifics love!! "

MikeWhitePresents - supports The Honorifics

"S/O to Honorifics for closing a solid 2 day debut last night, February 20th, at The Smith Center. I am definitely a fan! As an artist, I appreciate the music quality as well as the drive and hustle behind the professionalism of the Honorifics. Thank You Honorifics for the great show and new friendship!"

" ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Ŀ☼√Ξthis ♫♪..Music to my ears!!♫♪ Cheers,Wonderful tunes here!*•*•.¸¸.•*HUGS "

CanEHdianClassics - loves The Honorifics

“I stopped by The Smith Center February 13, 2014 and checked out the Honorifics. It was their debut show and how good it was. From their New Oldie sound to Country, Hawaiian, and slow heart felt songs, I really felt this group. A blast to the past group that is fun and energetic. They have won some Indie music awards from best Country, Rock n' Roll, to best album. Be on the look out for this group!!!!!!"”

"What a happy sound! 'Just Gotta Sing' brought a smile to my face."

The Black Rose - describing The Honorifics

“Poze Productions/Records "February 13, 2014 The Honorifics appeared with their friends Dave Carney who announced the show and Andy Martello kicked off the show with fun and laughs! This was truly a show for the ages with entertainers that are among the best in the business!"”

" I'm on your page and of course listening to your music. This brings back the days. Absolutely love it! ...=_=... It's an ALL play! "

MaryAnn - loves The Honorifics