The Honest Mistake Band / Press

“Good old liberty rock is live and kicking in the 21st century and guess what – it is still a pain in the ass for politicians and the conservative society . If you do not believe me you should check out The Honest Mistake Band we discovered on youtube today, they are not like anything you could expect a rock band to produce these days. I mean we live in the time of money, commercialism and music is supposed to be easy to swallow by the well researched and profiled mass consumer. Well these guys don’t seem to care. They do what they have to do and they say what they want to say. Just like in the days when the great rock bands were formed. I am so happy to discover them and share them with you. The Honest Mistake Band may sound like something from the late 60s when you first listen to them. They use a lot of acoustic guitar. Effect are limited to chorus and distortion. The singer is your old school hard rock/metal voice adding beautiful vocal melodies and changing the whole experien”

“'With psychedelic overtones, gritty guitar riffs and poetic lyrics, The Honest Mistake Band paints a dark artistic portrait of governance and rebellion.'.”

“The Honest Mistake Band – Daly City, CA ..These self-sufficient brothers in arms have, alone, managed to become a heavy metal band without sounding like one. Their postmodern existence may stand the test of time, because their influences in classic rock are there, at least musically. In the song ‘Everything Is Bad For You,’ I begin to worry about what I’m listening to, and if it, too, will indeed be the end of me; as the vocals remind me of a chain-smoking jay-walker chastising me for hitchhiking.”

“I think this phrase would express how I connect with your music "If I were the boss at major record company, I would definitely sign a deal with you immediately!" all the best to you and God bless!!!”

“Hey, I never thought I will come across such a great masterpiece here on number one music, I have to admit a new talent on the rise. I'm so tired of the same old melodies and you're like a breath of fresh air.”

“Your music is amazing! It puts me in another place where I can feel free and alive ... and let go of everything else. Thank you and Mad Respect!”

“Guys!!! I have a dream! I want to go to your show in 2014! I'll keep an eye on your schedule and please let me know when and where your future gigs will take place. I'm a huge fan and i'll bring an army of supporters with me. Greg :)))”

“Great sound guys-really enjoyed "We Got Something To Say", I will be back for sure...Keep on Rockin' my friends.”

“You all are amazing songwriters. "Everything Is Bad For You" might be my favorite song on Reverbnation. I will definitely be back.”

“Hehehe. And they say Cali has gone plastic? Y'all ROCK! ..Bring that to Atlanta!”

“I fanned you back after listening to "Everything is bad for you", F---in' AWESOME! One of the best song's I've heard for a long time, great vocals and performance. Good luck and stay in touch! PEACE.”

“Honest, Gritty, Down and Dirty...Yeah, we need this kind of music...Awesome!”

“Great Honest Rock and No Mistake!! ;)”

“Dig the tunes..Really Dig the Patriotism!..True Americans...Peace to you, my brothers from another mother!...Rock On, knobs to the right!”

“Rock 'n Roll like it should be~!!!”

“Commie Town, great intro, and then hold on!!! ..Love the driving rhythm, you guys killed it!!”

“Hey guys what a kick ass rockin' sound. Great lyrics, guitar playing, drums, bass the whole gig was jamming. Gave you all stars Brother, I do love my rock fix, your friend, Kit Mann”

“I'm with you guys, love the way you tell it like it is!”

“Digging the good 'ol American grass roots Rock I found here,......Great stuff boys!”

“Genuine Rockers..and great guys! Keep tearing it up!”

“Man, this is KILLER bike ridin' music bro! It's got that nasty, raunchy, highway bar, kick@ss vibe to it, Gibson's screaming, bass driving and a solid drummer. Great sound guys!”

“Creepy Man made me want to buy a Hearse and drive slowly down the street blasting that song out the window, very cool!”

“Way to go guys! Great look, great sound, great friends!”

“Raw, sincere and hardcore with those classic rock stylings, gotta love it! Definitely worth a listen.”

“There's NOTHING like some Friends Rockin' with Marshall amps, Les Paul's, Motorcycles, and vocals with attitude, with killer beats and rumbling Bass!!”

“It's dirty, It's grungy..and I fu*kin luv it \m/”

“Everything may be bad for you EXCEPT Rock.....and you guys are Rockin'!!”

“Your song (Everything is bad for you) rocks man! It has the elements of what's missing from most rock n' roll today. It's down home gritty with awesome big arena anthem style soloing and perfect structure. Keep up the great work.”

“Gritty and Raw. I'm hearing Skynyrd meets Megadeth and a few other influences in there. Awesome tunes! Definitely play all of these songs.”

"THMB is American Rock and Roll"