The Hollywood Kills / Press

“The Hollywood Kills are making their mark on modern rock music with their powerful and charismatic debut single, "Señorita". Today, the band partnered with New Noise Magazine to unveil an acoustic video rendition of their song "Tornado". The song is full of their "blue collar rock" swagger, further exemplifying their signature sound - a collision of bluesy and alternative rock with a pseudo-punk twist. The track can be found on the bands upcoming EP,Episode IV, which they will be self-releasing on September 25. Listen/watch "Tornado" on New Noise Magazine, here: http://bit.ly/1Nul3DR”

“Though their conjures up images of glitz and glamour, nothing about The Hollywood Kills, even their name, has anything to do with the West Coast. The Nashville-natives' blues-soaked, heavy riffs manages to incorporate a pop vibe to it, think a heavier Maroon 5, that remains to true to their Southern roots.”

“The Hollywood Kills are making their mark on modern rock music with their powerful and charismatic debut single, “Señorita.” The band has released the official music video for “Señorita” (watch below). The energetic song has a very unique sound, combining elements of blues, punk, and alternative rock. The black-and-white, silent film-styled music video opens with the four band members playing music in the middle of nowhere, with not a single person in sight. As hours pass and tensions begin to rise, a deceivingly joyful and innocent girl comes along and offers them a drink from a bottle – watch to see what happens to our heroes’ fates! The music video truly matches the song; it’s clever, playful and undoubtedly entertaining.”

“(Señorita is) a totally sassy song, the chorus is vibrant and the entire track will make you want to swing your hips. If good bourbon had a soundtrack, this song would be one of the premier numbers.”

“The Hollywood Kills new EP, “Coming of Age” should be marketed as the instant mood elevator! Who needs antidepressants when you have an EP filled with 5 songs that will get you out of any funk you could ever be in. I love music that makes you feel so alive and takes you to even a new found level of euphoric bliss.”

“-these Nashville natives radiated nothing but Southern charm on stage.”

“-Taking Rock n Roll, throwing a little punk influence and washing it all down with a slight pop flavor, this band is set to be the band to watch in 2014.”

“I caught some incredible pop/rock from The Hollywood Kills Friday and Saturday night at RedGorilla. This little band from Nashville is making big waves thanks to a polished sound that has evolved from garage rock to commercially shiny, alternative pop/rock. There’s an element to their live performance that instantly draws you in and, whether you like it or not, keeps you dancing to their tunes all night long.”

“-JamSphere's choice SONG OF THE WEEK for the upcoming week of 26 September - 02 October 2011 is: THE HOLLYWOOD KILLS - DON'T PANIC. The Hollywood Kills presents "Don't Panic," an album crafted through the clever composition of riveting melodies and dynamic cadences, paired with an intricate account of the ebb and flow of life. The 8 song compilation shows how the band has not only weathered and thrived in a wavering industry, but also sharpened their talents as seasoned musicians.”

“-Let’s just say, looks can be deceiving because they had incredible stage presence and charisma. Also, their songs were nerdy and catchy. That was a definite plus in my book. The crowd couldn’t help bobbing their heads to the guitar riffs and the unique vocals”