The Holland Account / Press

"This group of musicians really knows how to create rock music. The lyrics in their songs are great as well. They have a deep meaning in what they sing. I can easily head bang to their music. I can totally see them in the next Warped Tour."

"Their music really gives the listeners a sense what "real" rock music is about. If the audience listens carefully, the lyrics actually have meanings in them..."

“This one of those bands you just have to hear, The Holland Account brings tragic tales to the streets of Indianapolis, IN. When I say these guys rock, I mean it, blazing guitars coasting with the deep intimate lyrics of Nick Ramey.”

"...the band’s goal to be heard and enjoyed by many more for the fresh and organic sound that they are, doesn’t look so far away from attainment. Holding fast to their own values and styles will assuredly grant The Holland Account the success that its members seek, the success that is the fulfillment of their gifts as artists. Such success is not of that which can be achieved by a formula or mechanism of control, but rather, by the hard work and passion that the members of The Holland Account so evidently embody."

“The band are clearly very metal with music that crashes and rolls with hints of Black Sabbath, System of a down, Queens of the Stone Age and just a flavour of a Perfect Circle and Machine Head (or something of a similar ilk). However, what's really great and original about their song is the incredible blend of music that takes place. It's a strange cacophony of metal that creates something new while drawing on a huge range of influences.”

“The Holland account is a great example of powerhouse classic rock blended with flavors of modern day alternative delivered in an explosive package of high energy, solid musicianship, and compositional exploration. They stand out on our charts like a pitbull in a rock ‘n roll cockfight that grabs your ears and won’t let go. That my friends is a sign of true determination to stand their ground and stay on course towards being an every day event that will blast out of your speakers and get you off of your seat. They knew what sound they were looking for, and it’s obvious that they found it. Now I hope this article helps you find them.”

“I don’t even know where to begin… these guys are one of the hardest working bands in the Circle City. Another thing I like about these guys… they are rock. I am not talking about that pop crap you hear on the radio. I am talking straight up rock and roll music.”

“The Holland Account finished out the night. This bigger than life band had crazy energy, something we needed at 1:30am!”

“Local Indianapolis hip hop artist, Brad Real, has collaborated with local hard rock band, The Holland Account, to release a one of a kind track titled “Independent Rockstars.” It is the perfect manifestation of how local artists can come together, regardless of their preferred musical styles, and work towards a common goal.”

“The Holland Account provide the ideal background music to compliment Real’s mile-a-minute style. Lead singer Nick Ramey exhibits a soulful delivery in this testament to those who go about making music with a blue-collar mindset, all accentuated with heavy, heart-thumping beats from Producer Nick J.”

“Brad Real drops a new song "Independent Rockstars" featuring The Holland Account. I really dig the song myself since it is a cross between rock and hip hop.”

“And now I hear the straight-up metal tones which now go perfectly with Ramey’s soaring vocals. After that, it’s a little guitar chugging somewhat reminiscent of what you might hear on a Norma Jean record (dissonant chords, anyone?)”

“The meeting was over and I stopped Nick Ramey, the lead singer for The Holland Account. We talked for two hours! He is busting his butt trying to promote his band, and doing all the right things. I can’t wait to see what’s next for this band.”

“Let’s not forget about the astounding local acts that will be playing alongside Nonpoint. The Holland Account and Kramus are always crowd pleasers; both having a very dedicated fan base and a phenomenal sound. These bands are the perfect fit for a Friday night with Nonpoint and Seven Day Sonnet.”

“From the folks at DoItIndy, Local Music Only, to our favorite boys from Holland, The Holland Account, there was a fantastic showing of local sponsors and bands supporting the local movement in Indy.”

“An alternative/heavy metal band they are loud and led by amazing lead vocals. Great energy and Nick reminds me of a gospel singer with his level of conviction singing his songs. The band also donated two tickets to their Sept 2 concert with Nonpoint for the raffle.”

“What impresses me the most about the guys of The Holland Account is the immense amount of humble gratitude they show toward their fans and their community. Not only are they fantastic guys to chill with, but they have big hearts to go with their rockin’ music and badass attitudes.”

“The local bands that you need to check out: The Holland Account”

“The thing that impresses me the most about them? Their fearlessness. They don’t lie awake at night worrying about what’s popular (unnecessary samples, auto-tune, and whatever it is those Radio Disney bands do)... The album opens with “In a Little Rowboat,” featuring a soft Latin-influenced guitar intro before a mixture of distorted guitars, precision drumming and soaring vocals kicks in, grabs a hold, and never lets go until the final note rings out.”

“Hell or high water; sick or dying; or hanging on by a thread, one thing is for certain: The Holland Account will be there to rock the Indy Music Scene to its very core.”

"Hailing from Indy, The Holland Account has been working and changing for a couple of years. Currently, they are working on a full-length album. I started listening to The Holland Account about eight or nine months ago and haven’t stopped since."

"Anyone who likes the experimental mixed with the soulful hard rock should check out The Holland Account’s self-titled album. You will not be disappointed. Every time I listen to the songs, something new catches my ear. Everything about this EP feeds the desire for a full-length album."