The Hit Ups / Press

“Proving that they are able to evolve seamlessly and without contrition, they’re making some pretty reckless waves that you can’t help but feel the reverberations of. New track Unforgivable is British in the best possible way, the band’s notorious party ethos is seeping out of every riff - Perhaps more commercial in the sense of radio friendly play to their more recent work, but that’s no bad thing. Any potential hook is exploited ruthlessly to make this tune as addictive as crack. Outstanding rhythm has always been one of the Hit Up’s strong points and this EP is no exception, with a slicker sound and a tighter composition; Josh’s vocals course through the tracks like opium in a pumping vein. 66Sexy is similarly as promiscuously delicious as its title suggests – a dirty, writhing incarnation of a song that deserves a sweaty, hair tugging audience, glassy eyes half closed through the bridge until the thrashing chorus shatters your spine.”